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    Icon9 Ayani Tree Shorts??

    I REALLY want Ayani Tree Shorts, but I have no idea how to get them! I heard there was a key collection, but I'm not sure. So yeah, does anyone know how to get them? Btw, I'm willing to buy them, I have 20k coins

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    Default Re: Ayani Tree Shorts??

    Aloha!!! Ayani Green shorts can be obtained by finding the keys or buying them. The key collection is called Sacred keys. The keys needed in that collection are
    1-Jeweled key
    2-Key to city--is a quest for members only
    3-Kings key
    4-Queens key
    5-Mayors key
    6-Chugawug key
    7-Bixie key
    8- Generals key

    The key to city can only be given by doing the quest for which is for members only. If you are not a member then obviously you can not do this but you can buy the shorts if anyone is willing to sell!!! Good Luck!!

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