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Title: Avatar Help!

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    Default Avatar Help!

    Hi again. Ok, I'm clueless here. xD How do I add an avatar with my own image? I only see pre-defined images, not 'browse' to get our own images. Please help!

    Also, how can I add my album and where is the edit button to my post?
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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    You need to have ten posts....looks like you have eight more to go.
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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    Yes, you need 10 posts to have a custom avatar and to edit your posts. Once you can edit, it will appear next to the "quote" button. To add an album, go to your profile and look for the text "Show All Albums" under the "Albums" area. Once you go there, you should be able to click "Add Album" towards the bottom of the page. It may be another thing you can only do after 10 posts.

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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    I believe all of that requires 10 posts. Once you get the 10, you'll want to give the forum about an hour to update your status - logging out and back in may speed it up.
    Once you have 10 posts, you:
    can look under the pre-set avatars to upload an image from your computer files or from an external website.
    can look to the left of the quote button at the bottom of your posts to find the Edit button.
    can read this How To (How to: Posting Pictures and Albums to Free Realms Insider) on making albums.
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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    having the same problem myself

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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    Yeah as other ppl have said, you have to do ten posts. Saber123 you will be able to get your own avatar now you have 11 posts

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    Default Re: Avatar Help!

    Before you can make or add your own avatar you will need 10 posts. Then there is a link to it under the picture of tools (located under the link to the videos section)

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