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Title: any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

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    Default any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

    I suffer from chronic lag from 1 to 10 seconds at the worst. I can die in dungeon and have so much lag I can watch the counter go from 10 to ready. Over time I have removed and replaced free realms multiple time. Tried a poduct called boost that said Free Realms uses up 50% of my computers resorces. Operating Windows Vista, Intel Centrino 2, NVIDIA 1gb. I googled "Stopping horrid lag in Free Realms and found many many matches but no help.

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    Default Re: any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

    This may work, I've never tried it before with Free Realms.
    1. Go to Ctrl+Alt+Del
    2. Task Manager
    3. Processes
    4. Free Realms Client, right click
    5. Set priority>high
    I might write a guide because it might help a few people.

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    Default Re: any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

    Lag on FR? Really? Not trying to be mean but someone needs a new computer. FR is one of the least ram demanding games on the interwebs. The only time I have ever experienced lag was during the where's waldo picture event and that is only because there were like 200+ people there... and I dont even have a great computer, I have a cheap Dell that is like 5 years old now.

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    Default Re: any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

    Are your settings turned all the way up? That could be why.
    And how old is your computer exactly?
    Sometimes your hard drive has lack of space as well, I suggest cleaning out your trash-bin if you don't regularly and try deleting some unneeded files.
    Also, try not to run YouTube or a social site while on FR, it could cause lag.
    My adventure ends here.

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    Default Re: any ideas on stopping the horrid lag in Free Realms?

    Lag in gaming can have several potential sources, and can show up in several different ways. From your description of the counter going directly from 10 to 'ready,' as well as the '50% resource usage' it would seem that your lag isn't due to your machine so much as it is, possibly, your internet connectivity. Granted, the machine you describe is somewhat antiquated (as far as computers go), but even so should still be able to run Free Realms without much trouble.

    As a process of elimination, you can crank all of the video settings in-game to the lowest possible setting, just to see if there is a noticeable difference in performance. While the majority of the graphics are handled by the graphics card, there is still some load on the processor for certain graphical effects. If you DO get an increase in performance, then you can systematically raise each slider in the graphics up until you can determine when you get your lag problem. That will indicate what your snag is, and you can just keep that setting low. However, if you DO NOT notice an increase with low graphics settings, then...

    It might be the connection to the server. Again, lots of potential sources for lag here, too. Since you said your processor was a Centrino, it would appear that you are using a laptop. One assumes a wireless connection for the laptop, and that's a major bottleneck spot for lag in certain situations. Some of these lag elements can be from many users on the same wireless connection, or poor reception to the wireless router, or many things using the connection on the same computer (for example, playing Free Realms and downloading a movie, all while streaming music and instant-messaging). The little 'signal strength' bars, likely visible in your system tray, will tell you if you have a good, strong signal to your router. Hopefully, you are using an encrypted network for your router, so everyone in your neighborhood can't jump on your internet connection.

    There is another potential lag problem based on your internet service provider's 'topological distance' from the Free Realms servers, but it's a bit more complicated to explain than suits this forum. In a crudely brief description: the connection between your machine and the Free Realms servers is not a direct link, but rather some number of little 'hops' between various nodes of the internet. If you happen to have a large number of hops, then there is latency (lag) in the transfer of packets of info. Mostly, however, this problem is becoming less and less common due to improved infrastructure. The effect is invisible to us end-users.

    Windows Vista is notoriously RAM-hungry, and Free Realms uses a bit, too. Not nearly as much as many modern games, as Zyonmkxq mentioned, but it does make a hit on the resources. When the RAM is all 'full,' then Windows will utilize it's swap space, which is on your hard drive. If your drive has a slow response time, or is significantly full, then there can be some slow-down in the swap usage, as DespicableDani noted.

    Setting the priority of the game to 'high,' as ninjablade2000 offered, may help if you have multiple processes running, but given the RAM considerations and the processor power, it isn't likely going to gain you much in the way of lag elimination since you aren't threading a bunch of stuff at the same time through your processor. You would be far better off to simply make Free Realms the only application running when you are playing it.

    If you try all of the suggestions you've seen on this forum and still have the lag, just drop another note here and everyone can bang heads on it again.

    Happy gaming.
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