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Title: Age Change

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    Default Age Change

    So, I recently had my birthday, and I'm now waaaaayyy (kind of) over the age limit. You know, once you're a certain age you get more stuff (ex: parents don't get e-mails-you do, you get a messages tab). Is there any way to change age on Free Realms? Or perhaps contact them to change it?
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    Default Re: Age Change

    I was pretty sure that it wouldn't matter if you changed your age or not on freerealms because when you made the account, you were suppose to put the age you were when you made the account but I can't remember if we had to put our birthdays or not..

    I just know that there is an age for your Characters

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    Default Re: Age Change

    It changes with you, so if you were 10 when you made the account, which was 2 years ago, they would know you were currently 12. I just used that as an example though.

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