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Title: Advice

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    Default Advice

    Okay, I spent about 700,000 thousand dollars on a lot, now Im low of cash and was never the best at figuring out how to earn more. Any advice on the best ways to get money quick?
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    Default Re: Advice

    I believe Dawn has a guide, I can link it on your profile.
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    Default Re: Advice

    Farming & Power Hour.
    For power hour I usually do croaking vale, which gives you about 1k per run (which is about a minute) and then I go spin some farming wheels during the power hour to get double coins.
    NOTE: don't farm during your power hour, just have everything harvested and ready to be given to the merchants.
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    Default Re: Advice

    Well,you go and play a minigame during power hour.
    Then,you play MORE minigames.
    Then,you go our for 5-coin-ice-cream and give me one ^^

    Paulina's suggestion is better.
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    Default Re: Advice

    Play Artifact Hunt during your Power Hour (: You just have to complete the first level then you can exit out, when you get to the reward wheel, hold the spin button down and spell out "Coins" and it'll give you coins, and you get double the coins for each you get, the Member's bonus, and the Coin Reward. Normally, it'd be 294 coins you got from the reward wheel when your not on power hour, but with power hour, you get 588 plus the doubled member's only coin reward.
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    Default Re: Advice

    I usually play smaller minigames that need jobs which I have low levels on. I get on power hour and add a super star booster then do mail sorting or mining. I just got addicted to forging, but made it to level 20 on it. No more forging

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    Default Re: Advice

    Farming! Going to each of the playground chests, buying and selling vaultberry, and running through croaking vale killing everything that moves.
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