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Title: 2 things

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    Default 2 things

    1 thing is. Is it true after you have lvl 20 on all jobs you unlock pet trainer. 2 thing. How do i find a old topic i posted (i kinda forgot the name of it).

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    Default Re: 2 things

    Apparentlly that level 20 on all jobs unlocks pet trainer thang Aint true and just go on your profile and click threads made by you.

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    Default Re: 2 things

    I'm not sure about the pet trainer part, it used to be that you just needed a pet. To find an old topic, click on "My Profile" on the top of your page and look in the left hand column. There should be a link that says something like "find all posts" under your profile pic. You can go through anything you've ever posted that way
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    Default Re: 2 things

    no, i'm sorry but the pet trainer job is a job that they took away about a year ago. i'm a pet trainer, and i still have the job, but i can't do anything with it. i have no idea why they took it away, but they just did.
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    Default Re: 2 things

    yeah i don't quite know about the pet trainer thing but i do know that the level 20 thing is fake. alls i know is i'm glad i got to max my pet trainer before they took it away

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    Default Re: 2 things

    That's not true. Even if you maxed all your jobs, you still won't get the pet trainer job. Unless you were a pre-december of last year player, you do not have the job. And if you did play at the time i mentioned then the quests are no longer available.

    As for the other issue. You go to your profile page. In the panel to the left where your name is, you should be able to find the "Find all threads" option. Click that and it'll bring you to all the threads you've made. You should be able to find the one you'r looking for from there!

    I hope that helps! Cheers!
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    Default Re: 2 things

    The truth is...your wrong. Dead wrong. The Pet Trainer job can not be unlocked if you weren't a member of Free Realms before the December update. No way, no how. Although avoiding the fact that it is long gone, pet trainer clothes are still floating through-out Sacred Grove and are on consumable if traded by another member.\

    You can find your old threads by going to your profile and clicking on a little chat bubble. Be careful because there is two. The one you would need is the second one down. I brought up some of your threads: - Secret's and glitches in freerealms How do i get in the guild in game?

    Although I do not approve of bumping old threads I decided that those are topis I will let slide.


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    Default Re: 2 things

    Quote Originally Posted by Sellenia Fireblood View Post
    i have no idea why they took it away, but they just did.
    Quote Originally Posted by kiperrr View Post
    yeah i don't quite know about the pet trainer thing
    I remember reading from someone (so this may not be true) that some players found the Pet Trainer minigame too difficult. That may or may not have affected SOE's decision to remove the Pet Trainer job.
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    Default Re: 2 things

    This is the first I have ever heard of this,if i was you i would ask some ppl that have all jobs maxed and ask them if pet trainer gets unlocked and see if that answers your question.

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