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Title: How?

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    Icon4 How?

    How do you become a sport star?I really want to be one but dont know how.
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    Default Re: How?

    In your jobs section (The one with all your little job ID card like things) you can click the blank one that has "Trial" on it and you should get a quest to start the job.

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    Default Re: How?

    You go to the Soccer area and the guy in a suit will ask you if you want to do a quest
    accept and keep going till u get there
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    Default Re: How?

    You need to teleport to Snowhill Soccer Field(Near Perry's Pasture, below Snowhill) Then talk to Manager Landan. Since the new update you start all the jobs straight away.
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    Default Re: How?

    The trainer is near the soccer field near Snowhill.

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    Icon2 Re: How?

    Find a guy in a suit named Manager Landon.

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    Default Re: How?

    You got every job right from the box since the new update.

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    Default Re: How?

    go to game guide and click activities then find soccar star stat that quest
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