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  1. Who can figure this out...
  2. $$!The Last Post Money Game!$$
  3. Anime drawing contest :)
  4. Feirce dragon drawing contest!
  5. Draw a Disney Princess
  6. Draw my person!
  7. Drawing Contest!!
  8. Contest Time! =D
  9. Incrediguess quiz number 3!
  11. Combat Dueling League
  12. Best hand-drawn chatdy face Contest!!!
  13. Incrediguess quiz number 2!
  14. Animal Drawing Contest
  15. Runway Show! Made By Knight On Free Realms
  16. Incrediguess quiz :)
  17. editing pics contest
  18. The Funniest Picture/Laughing Contest!!
  19. Song-Writing Contest!
  20. Drawing contest!
  21. Monthly Raffle (Febuary)
  22. Type this Without looking...
  24. Got Chatty?
  25. FRI TCG Days!
  26. Drawing Contest
  27. How many wreaths do I have?
  28. For everybody to now how to Max Card duelest
  29. Cutest Picture Contest!
  30. Poking Game! :P UPDATED NEW RULES
  31. Can you guess My Favorite song?
  32. Guess my Brother's Name!
  33. How many rides do I have???? ^_^
  34. Photo Editing Contest
  35. Monthly Contest (Raffle)
  37. PF Theme ~ Guess my song!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Anime/Manga Drawing Contest! :)
  39. So You Think You Know Free Realms?
  41. Guess my three favorite Barclay's Premier League Soccer teams
  42. ~Figure out my fav song!~
  43. What soda am i drinking for 2.5k
  45. ~! Tell Meh Your Favorite Song, If it matches mine, you win!~
  46. Pre-Christmas Party!!!!!!
  47. Holiday Drawing Contest
  48. -Holiday Party-
  49. I'm bored...
  50. Giving Rare Cardigan for..... (Read) :)
  51. Shadow Kevin's Housing Contest!
  52. How Many Pets do I have IG....
  53. Holiday Drawing Contest! :D
  54. Free Realms Drawing Contest!
  55. Christmas drawing contest
  56. Create a Wallpaper Contest!
  57. A Palindrom contest!!!!
  58. Tense Conversation Breaker Contest
  59. The Lamest Joke Ever Contest!*WINNERS ANNOUNCED*
  60. Guess to win 4 Full Chunin Ninja gear sets
  61. what is my original name?
  62. thanksgiving drawing contest!
  63. Guess my Grandpa's dog's name!
  64. Guess My 3 Dogs' Names! xD
  65. Free Realms Fun!!
  66. Guess my dog's name for 3k!
  67. guess my 2 gerbils names for something idk what it will be
  68. Guess My Dog's Name For 5k
  69. Guess my 2 cat's names!
  70. Guess my Dog's name. .-.
  71. Guess my grandma's dogs name for 5k.
  72. guess my cats names
  73. Guess my dog's name for 5k!
  74. Guess my Rabbit's name
  75. Guess my real life dog name
  76. Guess My Cat's Name!
  77. Writing Contest!
  78. Halloween Trick-or-Treating Contest
  79. Guess my sisters name
  80. guess my brothers name for 10k
  81. -Hangout Party!!-
  82. Art contest
  83. Guessing game!!!
  84. Identifying Spam Contest!!
  85. Guessing Contest
  86. A Free Realms Kart Racing Event. Nice rewards.
  87. **Winner of the Lonely Island Contest and a NEW VIDEO**
  88. Fashion Show Winners Result!!
  89. 20k Painting!!!
  90. Sailboat
  91. Free Realms Dueling League
  92. Drawing Contest
  93. guess for winnin 10k
  94. Cartoon me contest view first page to go to poll
  95. Tournament combat dueling
  96. think you can beat me
  97. Ok blog hasn't worked so good/maybe
  98. Jaime Rider Graphic Design Contest. With Prizes.
  99. guess my favorite color for 20k
  100. Official September FRI Contest! Answer Trivia to Win a T-shirt, TCG Card Set or Ceremonial Bonesaw!
  101. Birthday Card Contest - Winner is entered into a drawing for a Dunce Cap
  102. Black Amethyst Photo editing and Caption Contest! Prizes included!
  103. Drawing Contest
  104. ♥ Paint Me a Picture CONTEST ♥ WINNERS ♥
  105. 10,000 for answering a few questions
  106. 20000k for answering which animal is my fav!
  107. Closed! Collection Contest. The Prize? Tens of Thousands of Coins!
  108. mythical creature poll!!!
  109. quitting. free stuff within.
  110. Free Stuff for you!
  111. Birthday Contests!!!
  112. Awesome
  113. Clothing Design Contest
  114. **Crazy Screenshot Contest** ((CLOSED))
  115. Official FRI August Contest! Win $5 SC, a Spider Bite Sword or Free Realms T-shirt!
  116. Chatty party! Contest thread closed until the party
  117. mythical creatures drawing contest
  118. Fashion show girls only!
  119. Rose's Birthday Competition Thread
  120. Drawing Contest
  121. CLOSED racing tournament 10,000 coin prize
  122. calling all racers!
  123. Official Free Realms Insider July Monthly Contest! Win a $5 SC Card, T-Shirt or Physical Set of TCG Cards!
  124. *****Clear's Silly String Tag Game- TODAY WIN PRIZES******
  125. Siggie Contest! (WINNER ANNOUNCED)
  126. Win a free elite pink striking serpent ninja set!
  127. Money Giveaway Contest
  128. Video Game.
  129. Sweet Solstice Party and Contest!
  130. contest please post! (:
  131. Undead Father Art Contest
  132. Anime Drawing!
  133. Best House Designer Contest!
  134. Lil Stylez vs. Referee Gold
  135. game!
  136. Caption Contest! Winners Annoinced!!!!!!
  137. March of the Penguins Screen Shot Contest! Winners Announced!!!!!!
  138. Happy B-Day to some people!!!
  139. Find the pic! (Current pg.3!!)
  140. Gold Wade's favorite color is blue.
  141. Fishing party/contest! CANCELED
  142. CONTEST: The Best Free Realms ad. Win TWO a Purple Triceratops!
  143. Mystery Man
  144. Official FRI Monthly Contest for May! Win a Toyger Whistle or a T-Shirt!
  145. Alexanders Bday Contest WINNER ANNOUNCED!
  146. EASY WIN:25,000 WINNER
  147. How many pets?
  148. Checkers Contest!
  149. **** Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday Darian GAME!!! *****
  150. Be the last poster game contest
  151. Contest Thread
  152. Checkers contest!
  153. Be the last poster at the end of ? And you will win 1 coins for each post! But only the last poster gets the coins!
  154. Where Am I ... Contest!
  155. Drawing contest.....
  156. My Free Realms Dog'a Birthday!
  157. Can you tell what realm this was taken in?
  158. Official FRI-day Contest for April 9th! Post to Win a Free Realms Poster!
  159. Official Free Realms Insider April Monthly Contest! Share your Memories to win $5 SC, a T-shirt or a Deck of Physical TCG Cards!
  160. FRI-Day Contest for April 2nd - Match the Pet to the Staff Member!
  161. Want to play Pirate's Plunder?
  162. Duel me
  163. WHAT AM I?????
  164. Picture finding. Check out page 2. for a new picture!!
  165. The Contest Picture Thread for Claire's Party on 3/28.
  166. Happy Easter Contest!
  167. Easter Contest!!! WIn A BIG Pack!
  168. Can you win two games straight at chess, For a boosterpack ?
  169. Happy Easter! Free Stuff!!!
  170. Where am I Cannonballing?
  171. The Vid Contest! READ ALL BEFORE SIGNING UP! TY
  172. Guess How Many!
  173. 1 to 1000
  174. Jaime Riders Contest! Win a Penguin Mask!
  175. How Many Coins?
  176. FRI-Day Contest for March 12! Win Consumable TCG Virtual Rewards!
  177. How Many Items?
  178. The Official FRI Room Showcase March Contest! Win $5 SC, a T Shirt or a Duelist on Demand Voucher Code!
  179. What is this? (mystery Surprise)
  180. FRI-Day Contest for Friday, March 5th! Win a Spider Bite Sword or a Traffic Cone Hat!
  181. Hide and Seek with Zangetsu
  182. The jellybean jar of love.
  183. FR Music Videos
  184. Valentines house
  185. Official FRI-day Feb 12 Contest Thread: Design a Valentine to Your FRI Friends!
  187. FRI-day Contest for February 5th! Finding Nymo to Win a Pair of Rocker Shoes!
  188. UGLY CONTEST (5K prize)
  189. Official FRI February Monthly Contest Til 2/28/10! Win a $10 SC card, Free Realms T Shirt or Extend Claws TCG Card!
  190. A small gathering of animalistic insiders at a local graveyard....
  191. Come and Guess It ! THE WINNERS !
  192. The Official FRI-Day Contest Thread for January 29th! Win a Spider Bite Sword or $5 SC!
  193. find your twin
  194. The Idea and Suggestion Thread for Future FRI-day Player Events and Contests!
  195. The "Friday is FRI-day" Contest for January 22, 2010!
  196. lets geth things cooking contest
  197. Hide and Silly String Tournament-Like Paintball
  198. Free Realms Idol 10 spots
  199. "how ninja are you?" contest!
  201. Win an Aquarium!
  202. Win 5,000 coins! - Maths Puzzle (CLOSED)
  203. Win 3,000 coins! - Logic Puzzle (CLOSED)
  204. Party Find
  205. Win 5,000 coins! - Puzzle (CLOSED)
  206. Win 3,000 coins! - Maths Puzzle (CLOSED)
  207. Win a TCG Card and Coins
  208. Finding Nymo!
  209. Official FRI January Contest! Runs Jan 1 - Jan 31! Win a Free Realms Prize Pack, a TCG Consumable Virtual Reward or $5 (500) Station Cash!
  210. Win A Roger Chamberlain Signed "Giant Toad" TCG Card from Christopher Cardshark
  211. Win 10,000 coins! (CLOSED)
  212. Launch Pads-Diving Contest Video Sign-ups!
  213. Freerealmsinsider.com -- Holiday Card Contest! December 21st to January 1st 2010! Win a Toyger Whistle!
  214. Official FRI Contest Dec 18th - Dec 31st -- Win a Free Realms T-Shirt or $5 SC Card!
  215. Guess Who it is?
  216. TBK's Connundrum
  217. New Official FRI Contest Dec 1-15! Win a Free Realms Prize Pack!
  218. The Ultimate Fighters Tournament
  219. Official FRI November Contest: Where do FRI members come from? Win a $5 SC card!
  220. Wizard's competition ( All levels ) member and non-member)
  221. Ninja X givaway
  222. TBK's Snowball Fight!!
  223. Name that Pixie: Find the Royal Guard Superhero Pixie! Fire Hydrant Hat Prize!
  224. Free Realms Idol
  225. find me if you dare 2
  226. 500sc contest
  227. look and watch
  228. The Unfortunate American Idol game
  229. soccer(or football) challenge
  230. Anyone can do this i will give 2000 coins!
  231. Ladder Rules
  232. ♥ Guess The Song, NO PRIZES *Please Come Along And Join In The Fun* ♥
  233. Party Contest - RIGHT NOW!!
  234. Sheep watching mini game challenge -- win a spider bite sword code! Contest closes September 7th at 11:59pm EST
  235. Labor Day Bash Scavenger Hunt Official Rules
  236. Where's Daddio 7-27-09
  237. Suggestion for Tournament Brackets!!
  238. Reminder: Enter Member Sponsored Contests at your Own Risk
  239. Where in Free Realms is Daddio 7-18-09
  240. Free Realms Collectors "Feed the Pets" Contest 100,000 Coins
  241. Where in FreeRealms is Daddio 7-12-09
  242. Where's Daddio 7-11-09
  243. what am i?
  244. Where's Daddio?
  245. Official Winners Thread for First Free Realms Insider Giveaway Contest!
  246. Can we...