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  1. Reasons Why I am not on FR/FRI as much anymore.
  2. thnx
  3. rares
  4. gear!
  5. im leaving so giving my stuff away :D
  6. !*! 100 Useful Things I've learned Not to do !*!
  7. Bambi- Little April Shower (FR VERSION!)
  8. Question about a few plaids..
  9. Blackforest
  10. Farewell, Birthday Bash
  11. Birthday bash gone
  12. Come visit my channel
  13. no!!!!!
  14. Not to be mean but... Humans need to butt offline if they are going to be rude!
  15. Gifting Box
  16. Scamming
  17. I have a question...
  18. nvm.
  19. What is your favorite outfit in another game? :)
  20. LOLRealms Moment
  21. TCG Question- Pro TCG Duelist Required
  22. House names - I'm probably late on this but haven't seen them mentioned
  23. Pixies vs. Humans?!
  24. Try a new game.
  25. A briefing about the PSN hacking and more information about recent attacks
  26. Dukey the Dog for people outside the US
  27. Staff Apprecitation Day!
  28. Storage in Free Realms
  29. Your thoughts so far on my Free Realms story?
  30. Homes
  31. Storage Unit Support!
  32. Elitists Weapons: I don't get it!
  33. New guild called Paper Planes
  34. Dueling Experts ONLY!
  35. So, I made it to lvl 20 farm and....no pot of gold
  36. I <3 you o_O
  38. Why?
  39. Fast easy money
  40. guiding u through freerealms
  41. The Flou Flou Restaurant is Back =)
  42. What old SC items do you have?
  43. Who agrees that the prize wheels are rigged?
  44. There should be more color and texture blocks for sale.
  45. ---SUGESTION--- Dear Free Realms, Please Make A Pet Turtle!!!
  46. Books
  47. Giving Cardigan sweater for:
  48. Alexander's Bday Party of Peril!
  49. Unbuyable items in coin shop
  50. New Promo!!!
  51. I'm beginning ti understand why...
  52. [Suggestion] Cars!
  54. Anyone up for a little fighting fun?
  55. Woot!!!!!
  56. There isn't enough Dev/Player interaction
  57. Free realm lands inspired by real ones?
  58. What is your favorite dungeon?
  59. Do you ever find that you have random stuff and you don't know where it came from?
  60. New Tractor Ride!!!
  61. Weather forecasts XD
  62. ROFLE Pet
  63. Something idk x]
  64. Fun With Cakenstiem
  65. The DA DA DA DA DA problem
  66. Unfortionate System Failure.
  67. Tractor Rides :O
  68. Smelting yields less bars now?
  69. I am DIEING of BOREDOM! D:
  70. Spy vs. Spy (Penguins)
  71. New Tractor Ride to Hit Marketplace
  72. Phoenix ride?
  73. Gonna be away for 3 days
  74. Treasure Wars Pack Items!
  75. Coin Shop Mania
  76. Home Invasion
  77. Scary
  78. The Vault is Closed... Forever :(
  79. Gifting Pinata Prizes!
  80. My theme park!! - warniging huge pics
  81. idea for rides and some pets
  82. paint it pink auditions
  83. This mornings Update brings many surprises!!
  84. an idea for newer clothing
  85. if there was free realms on...
  86. Glerge's cake problem is FIXED
  87. -No servers are available.-
  88. W00T!
  89. Scheduled Server Downtime and Update - May 27 2011
  90. some more ideas for rides and pets
  91. I'm Not About To Let An Insider Forget What Being An Insider Is All About
  92. I'm nervous about my plan.
  93. Gifting...______?
  94. BRB
  95. BRB Insiders!
  96. Sony's Japan music site hacked Sony just can’t catch a break
  97. Where did this ride come from???
  98. Doubts of SOE's new updates with the extension of the Realm World.
  99. Sony to report $3.2 billion annual loss
  100. Will you join~? :)
  101. A few hints on farming I've learned
  102. Memorial Day Sale to get Lifetime Membership, is it worth it?
  104. Who still has Treasure Tickets?
  105. Hello!
  106. Trade chat
  107. an idea for some new rides and pets
  108. new rides and new cars and some bikes for the racing job
  109. an idea on upgrading ninja and warrior or adding another version of them
  110. just another idea i got late at night
  111. Insider Science Experiment
  112. was the Dragon blade a good item for SOE to give away.....
  113. Is this message actually from SOE???.....or somebody bad?
  114. Teleport System?
  115. Farming, Is It worth It?
  117. Looking to get back in the game and website
  118. Rides
  119. This may be end of Izzy AKA Ciana
  120. Sony hacked again today.
  121. Anyone is having problems getting their bonus rewards?
  122. Coin System Messed Up?
  123. Is the VIP clubhouse worth the $13.50?
  124. In game music.......
  125. My Birthday!.....Is gone.
  126. Strange and new things
  127. SOE offering 12 months of identity theft protection!
  128. -Gasp- No costumes?
  129. Suggestion: Revamp to Non-Combat Skills and Battle Rewards
  130. Looking for people do combat together with!
  131. FREE REALMS IS BACK!!! :)
  133. Sony is starting restoration of game services NOW!
  134. cluless in texas.....i cant ryme XD
  135. We will never give up!
  136. Sony Corp's computer networks remain vulnerable to attack three weeks after
  137. PlayStation Network downtime beginning to impact system, game sales
  138. Recent (And FATAL) Virus Attack.
  139. I got some good news
  140. whos your fav character from your fav show?
  141. wow
  142. Heya guys!
  143. Blogs Messages
  144. SOE shutdown: I would expect phishing
  145. Freerealms Shut Down Up Until May 31st?!?!
  146. Best Builders in FR
  147. We miss you Free Realms!
  148. what do you want?
  149. Happy 2nd birthday aaron esko!
  150. Ways to get Lots of Money in FR
  151. My opinion
  152. briarwood chest
  153. blackspore chest
  154. Server's downtime, what impact will this have?
  155. Hightops
  156. On May 9th, Aaron Esko turns 2!!! But SOE is still down D:
  157. For your information, update about SOE games coming back on line
  158. What happens when servers come back up?
  159. Free Realms Addictions
  160. Down Servers
  161. Ah the Free Realms Yearbook
  162. This is Free Realms shut down note in "p"
  163. This is Free Realms shut down note in Mexican
  164. This is Free Realms shut down note in German
  165. This is Free Realms shut down note in Portugal (PT)
  166. Heres Free Realms shut down note in austrailia
  167. FR may be back today! (Friday) and PS3 back on
  168. Keep an eye out
  169. Highlights from the latest FS Sony web page text
  170. A inform
  171. I'm here to say express yourself!
  172. One of my other pictures ^_^
  173. bored? free realms down? heres a chat to pass time!
  174. Lol check this out Express your feelings and draw!
  175. Chat (While FR is down)
  176. Get going and get planting
  177. Your going to get a back flash of this video
  178. Hello as you now Free Realms
  179. Sony ignored warnings about security
  180. Majesticmeadow Building Company
  181. It's time to have fun with Chatdy again
  182. Sony was victim of sophisticated cyber-attack
  183. Free Realms
  184. Just if you guys don't now ill post this again
  185. Clearing the Air about the Cyber Attack on SOE
  186. Free Realms may be shut down for 1-2 weeks?!?
  187. When are you coming back FR?
  188. Ke$$ha's Birthday Party, hope all can make it :)
  189. UPDATE
  190. This can't be good.....
  191. How odd! :o
  192. Spring Fever 1,000,000 coin video contest
  193. Ideas for houses and events
  194. Ideas for houses and events
  195. forget you music video roles
  196. Join the NEW GROUP
  197. Surprise Birthday Party!!!!! 5-2-11!!!! Come for fun, partying, and prizes!!!
  198. New Members Bonus!
  199. Reserve Price = Starting Bid?
  200. Uh..we don't have floods, hurricanes or TORNADOS in FR do we?
  201. Sony Breakin Warning : Spear Phishing
  202. Giving away Free Realms account. MUST READ
  203. Double SC may come again
  204. Sony may face global legal scrutiny over breach
  205. Pardon Our Dust ------again
  207. Family Photos!
  208. [Suggestion] Farmer Workers
  209. Sony PlayStation suffers massive data breach
  211. Dorian Silvervale's Guide to the Birthday Bash!
  212. Member Packs (TCG)
  213. The Cake
  214. Just Posted
  215. MY WEBSITE!!!! PLZ JOIN!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Larger Lots
  217. Insiders Guild!
  218. cool beans wait... house!
  219. Wheel - Housing - Question
  220. custom rides
  221. SC Card - Coin conversion during Double SC Weekend
  222. New items in sc shop!
  223. Feret Berets or what ever it is called..
  224. Guide: Shards and Necklaces from battles
  225. NEW Pet Trainer
  226. Pardon our dust
  227. Has anyone tried these sample combinations?
  228. uugggh....
  229. Farming question
  230. Double SC April 22-25
  231. Free Realms Bday Party Webcast
  232. Empty Freerealms?
  233. Jackpot Plants - A Bad Investition
  234. Schould i play free realms again
  235. New Ref?
  236. New Website! check it out!
  237. Pricing?
  238. c(: Referee Sunleaf!! :O
  239. Unbelieveable day...
  240. New cool flannels
  241. FR Suggestions Thread
  242. New Promo Items!!!!
  243. Will the vault ever be open!! (epic shadow)
  244. Dorian Silvervale's Guide To Farming
  245. [Guide] best place to look for plant samples!
  246. Pardon Our Dust AGAIN! o_o!!
  247. I think Referee's/Enforcers Should fix some stuff.
  248. Dear Free Realms/Free Realms Insider users:
  249. Flying Hydra Style!
  250. Starnut Tip!