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  1. Do you like my new avatar?
  2. Will you make a Merry Vale fairy if they come out?
  3. Will you make a Merry Vale fairy if they come out?
  4. Be-Mine Boquet Value
  5. who wore it the best???
  6. WHats your favorite color?
  7. like my new signiture
  8. Jonin Set Value
  9. What Do You Want
  10. Whats Are You
  11. What Skills Are Lvl 20
  12. Useless
  13. Dating
  14. Favorite Pie
  15. Going to see A Nightmare On Elm Street?
  16. Favorite Holiday Poll
  17. Fav Skill
  18. Are you gonna buy a beetle ?
  19. Have You Been Followed, Bugged, Or Annoyed By Someone On FR???
  20. Headache
  21. How To Train Your Dragon
  22. Giuld Popularity Contest
  23. Waht Deos Tihs Maen?
  24. Eat your Words Pasta
  25. Post to Post?
  26. Should I change my in-game name?
  27. Referees poll
  28. Report Offensive Behavior
  29. Your favorite element?
  30. Which job is your favorite for dueling with?
  31. Twilight, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson?
  32. O_O My new guild name O_O
  33. Awesome life?
  34. Tech in Free realms
  35. Do you guys like Modern Warfare 2
  36. Do you like Oprah Talk Shows?
  37. Do you think....
  38. Do you like fairy tales and Myths?
  39. Paramore?
  40. What is your favorite colored block?
  41. Party Ideas?
  42. Where should my Party be?
  43. Which do you read?
  44. Change Name
  45. FR Boring
  46. I NAMED MY RIDES!!!Do you think that's weird?
  47. Which Boombox?
  48. Twilight....
  49. Free Realms Unicorn!!! Do you like it?
  50. Which game do you like best?
  51. Do you like fr and fri?
  52. Do you know what runescape is?
  53. Which is your best holiday event?
  54. Is it worth it????
  55. New clothes VS old clothes
  56. Lady Gaga or kesha?
  57. What element is the best?
  58. Eevee!!!
  59. Help with SC and coin purchase decisions!
  60. Which one?
  61. Is Pirate Plunder Cool or Not?
  62. Ninja or Brawler?
  63. Pocky!
  64. Do you like WoW?
  65. Pointless games or no?
  66. Do you like my music video?
  67. Do you like Chatdy?
  68. Do you mind unfair justice?
  69. If you had a choice, what race would you like in FR?
  70. Favorite Thing to do on the Insiders?
  71. Your Favorite Administrator!
  72. Who Liked Sonic Unleashed?
  73. New travle in freerealms
  74. What's your favorite type of music?
  75. What couse of action should be taken with the video section?
  76. Your Favorite Background?
  77. What's your Favorite Candy?
  78. New page!
  79. Video section music.
  80. Old Freerealms VS. New Freerealms
  81. Favorite BBQ food.
  82. Favorite dinner food.
  83. Do you like to eat?
  84. Favorite Letter?
  85. Most Popular People In Free Realms!
  86. Which of the Big Three Do you like?
  87. Freaknik
  88. Should I remodel my house?
  89. Should There be A New Job On Free Realms???
  90. Gummy bear song!!!!
  91. More Evil in FR?
  92. What is your Favorite Place?
  93. What is your favorite major area in FreeRealms?
  94. Have you ever felt soooo happy?
  95. Fixed version of that player of the year poll.
  96. If there was,who would you pick for player of the year?
  97. Role Models
  99. Which is AFR's best outfit?
  100. Jonas brother, love, or hate?
  101. Wizard Weapon of Choice?
  102. Do you spend more time on FR or FRI?
  103. What sport would you like better
  104. Free Realms- Bubble Wand or Mega Dance Floor? It's your pick!
  105. If you could choose to do these what would you pick?
  106. Contest Poll
  107. What Guild?
  108. Do ya like ma icon?
  109. Are you kinda bad at math.
  110. A DS Free Realms Game?
  111. Should i do this?
  112. Would it be cool if there were a movie based on FreeRealms???
  113. Bob or Joe?
  114. What should be a new feature???
  115. Do you like chicken?
  116. What is your favorite Castle?
  117. What is your favorite NON-combat job?
  118. Which pet should be added next?
  119. Do you think the loot wheel is rigged to give you only LAME items???
  120. Should rare clothing be in the coin shop??
  121. Which dragon!!!!
  122. Salad.
  123. Do you like the V-day boombox?
  124. The president of cheese election!
  125. Should I chage my hair to black?
  126. What's Your Fave Pet Out Of These?
  127. What Is Your Fave Boombox On Free Realms?
  128. Do you do your homework while playing Free Realms?
  129. To Do So, or Not To Do So? That is my question.
  130. To have Fashion Shows, or to not have Fashion Shows?
  131. What do you play Free Realms for?
  132. Hearts or Broken Hearts?
  133. Is this a Cool idea or no?
  134. What is your favorite combat job???????
  135. On a scale of 1-10, what is Free Realms?
  136. What's your favorite FR holiday event so far?
  137. call cool ajo coolio...
  138. Poll: Should I try RuneScape?
  139. Do you like my new Avatar
  140. Would you like pickles with that?
  141. Do you like the Festival of Hearts?
  142. What Is Your Favourite Type Of Music?
  143. Do you believe Bat Attack should be removed?
  144. What Color Ink Would You use?
  145. What fantasy creature is better?
  146. Insiders Academy! *Updated* {Want Insiders Academy to Start Faster? Check out the Updated Main Post!}
  147. What item do you most want added?
  148. Should There Be Pet Mounts?
  149. Who of us are Insomniacs???
  150. Should SOE add Kung Fu job to FR?
  151. What should I get?! HELP!
  152. Do you like Harry Potter?
  153. my epic comeback
  154. Should I make a website for my guild?
  155. Do you like my new siggie?
  156. I'm making a tree house and I need an opinion on something...
  157. Parkour or Free Running?
  158. Justin Bieber
  159. Face Paint Help
  160. What is my Twilight Character?
  161. Hair Cut!
  162. Favorite combat job
  163. should pets wear clothes
  164. fav pet
  165. Whats ur fav color?!?
  166. which is better pixie or human
  167. 2010 or before?
  168. Most popular new pet
  169. What TCG deck do you use?
  170. Where do you spend most of your time?
  171. Cold or Hot Water
  172. Fans?
  173. Battle Supplies No Longer Used?
  174. The Worst Biter Round Five
  175. Socks nom nom
  176. The Worst Biter Round 4
  177. what animal print u prefer?
  178. How do you like your "Lol"s?
  179. What team u on?jacob or edward
  180. whats your favorite cookie?
  181. favorite pet
  182. Crazy Pollz #4
  183. Crazy Pollz #3
  184. Birthday Question. . .
  185. In A Minute!
  186. Did you think that VH1's number one pick was good???
  187. Water, Soda, Tea, Other
  188. Beatles Freaks
  189. What will you do if you were on an island...
  190. What color is better?
  191. Do you like the new december update?
  192. Which one would you eat as a snack
  193. Fruits or Veggies?
  194. Books or TV?
  195. Cake or Ice Cream
  196. Which MMO is a really close second to Freerealms?
  197. Crazy Pollz #2
  198. which rare armor looks the best?
  199. Oopsies!? [Please read]: Creating a poll that you forgot to add!
  200. Favorite Game System. Last One Didn't Bring Poll Up
  201. Favorite Game System
  202. Christmas
  203. What for Xmas?
  204. parents fair
  205. team jacob or edward
  206. Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
  207. Favorite VIdeo Game Charcter
  208. Member or Non-Member?
  209. Which one...
  210. Which Combat - Old or New - Do You Prefer?
  211. Bigger, more luxurious houses
  212. betas
  213. Crazy Pollz! #1 Which one?
  214. taco shells
  215. Should I change my banananame?
  216. (FR-FRI) What are you doing these days?
  217. Hightops
  218. The worst biter round three
  219. The Gender Wars: How many FR main characters are female and how many are male?
  220. Petition for Pet Trading.
  221. Do you like The Beatles?
  222. My pet idea poll
  223. If you get $100,000,000 dollar?
  224. Which one would a robgoblin steal?
  225. Winter
  226. Winter
  227. Christmas!
  228. Christmas!
  229. FRED!
  230. my siggy?
  231. what food?
  232. what animal?
  233. Places?
  234. Combat Job???
  235. Online Games!
  236. Free realms is getting boring ?
  237. Do You Like The Beatles
  238. Do you know how to answer a poll?
  239. Ninja or Brawler
  240. What's your style?
  241. The Worst Biter Round Two
  242. WHich Class is your Fav?
  243. Favorite Combat Shard
  244. Which guild?
  245. Which pie would a zebra prefer?
  246. which smiley do you think is funniest, Eek, Swoon, or Tongue
  247. Which is worth more? Pink swirly or Electric Oil Diamond Shard?
  248. Do you like Doing community service?
  249. SC Sales
  250. What cafe in Free Realms do you like?