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  1. How much do you like FreeRealms???
  2. [RULES] Read BEFORE posting please.
  3. Half and Dark - New Clan Poll!
  4. Jimienta :DD
  5. Wha band do you like?
  6. I can gurantee, you'll get 1% smarter after reading all this. lol
  7. Super Paper Mario!
  8. Are YOU Going to Play the PS3 Free Realms?
  9. If you would live in a virtual world, what would it be?
  10. How many medals/trophies do YOU have?
  11. My Free Realms Cards Rap (Originally from Milkshakes)
  12. Which book do you like best Hunger games or i am number four
  13. Newbs....
  14. Reba or Beyonce
  15. Dogs Or Cats?
  16. Which Do you like?
  17. Vans Or Converse?
  18. Whos Your Favourite FRI Staff?
  19. Weird Poll
  20. The Contest Time Poll
  21. Which Treasure War Card Destroyer?
  22. Push Play- Midnight Romeo
  23. Geckos vs Bunnies
  24. Romeo or Juliet
  25. American Idol
  26. Should we have VIP points?
  27. Cookies!!
  28. ♥Drawing Contest Votes!♥
  30. Light Green
  31. Finish the quotation poll!
  32. If you had rocker stuff, what offer would you perfer having?
  33. You decide!
  34. Percy Jackson or Septimus Heap
  35. Pink or purple.?
  36. Pink or purple.?
  37. Favorite Kind Of Music
  38. Random Poll: 1. Which hand do you use to write?
  39. Title for my story?
  40. colours
  41. american cars
  42. I've Done 22 Strange Things Out Of 36
  43. Tcg: Hunting or Aattcking?
  44. how much money
  45. Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?
  46. Should I change my Name of Free Realms
  47. Which Cleats Should I Get?
  48. Name Change
  49. Fairly Odd Parents Week
  50. How many mounts/rides do you have?
  51. jonas brothers or not
  52. The 7 Natural Wonders of Free Realms!
  53. Do you like JB?
  54. Stone heart or Joy heart? <3
  55. Felines or Canines?
  56. Dogs vrs. Cats : D
  57. which do YOU like
  58. drawing contest poll
  59. Which Is Ur Fave From The Rainbow Randomizer?
  60. Which Combat Is Better? New vs. Old.
  61. How many pets do you have on FR?
  62. Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous?
  63. V-Day Contest Cards!
  64. Favourite Linkin Park Member?
  65. Which Type of Animals do you like the best
  66. Coyote or Wolf
  67. Which One
  68. Fave FR Realm Background Song
  69. Colors Or Clothes
  70. Animals
  71. Dogs Or Cats
  72. if you could control one, what would it be?
  73. Soccer OR Football?
  74. Fire OR water.?
  75. Sports!
  76. Which one is nice........
  77. Should I start a newspaper of FRI?
  78. Which Game
  79. What do you think is right in your opinion?
  80. Starting Alt. What should I name him?
  81. Tv Shows
  82. Books
  83. namey's
  84. Pandas or Polar Bears?
  85. Should I hold a contest?
  86. Do you think they'll bring it back for this year, but with the number changed?
  87. Games to get in the future...
  88. European Football (Soccer) vs. Amereican Football
  89. You want to see a Gameplay video of Resistance 2?
  90. Time zones
  91. You know what Grinds My Gears?
  92. Fav Holiday Items?
  93. The age old question : Pirates or Ninjas?
  94. PF Theme ~ Guess my song!!!!!!!!!! ~ Contest related
  95. Just tell me if you like the WoW video
  96. Vault!!!!!
  97. Mounts!!!!
  98. Tiger Or Lion
  99. Arctic Frostfang Cub Or Geckos
  100. Holidays
  101. Vampires vs werewolves
  102. Do you wacth cartoon network?
  103. Bumper Cars!
  104. which guild name?
  105. Name Change?
  106. Christmas contest poll!
  107. Should I go back into Overlord II after NOT being on it for so long?
  108. Name Change
  109. Hot chocolate or a normal chocolate bar?
  110. Favorite type of music?
  111. What is the letter you usually first guess in Hangman?
  112. SC wheel :)
  113. If you were stranded in the desert.....
  114. What new ride should they make?
  115. Just a one suggest to add to SC or Coins in Free Realms :3
  116. Most Boring Place in the world?
  117. Music Liking.... The finale of the Music Liking pt. 1
  118. Clonewars Membership or Freerealms SC items?
  119. Music Liking 2.5
  120. Music Liking 2!
  121. Brawlers' best weapon for farming coins?
  122. Likeliness of this epicly Heroic music?
  123. Free Realms Housing Poll!
  124. Ever modified a toy?
  125. What date did Free Realms come out?
  126. Have you ever lost a friend you liked?
  127. Out of these websites, what do you go on the most??
  128. Your Christmas Religion :3
  129. Snow days
  130. Favorite Part of the Holiday Season?
  131. Should I make a wallpaper/avvie/siggie shop?
  132. YOu decide my new character look (revised)
  133. Music liking? (Random Poll)
  134. Trophy/Task System?
  135. -Pixie or Human?-
  136. Hello!
  137. My siggy
  138. Closed
  139. What IG first letter of your name??
  140. Wallpaper Contest Voting!
  141. Which Phone Should I Choose?
  142. December Update
  143. Station Cash
  144. You guys think i should write daily poams in the creative writing?
  145. Know any languages?
  146. Extra SC - What do I buy?
  147. thanksgiving drawing contest poll!
  148. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  149. Wat's your fav pet
  150. Instrument?
  151. Gigs Anyone?
  152. What Traits would you like to see in a Game?
  153. Family Reunion ♥
  154. What should I request my new FR name to be?
  155. What's your lucky number?
  156. Whats your fav pet?
  157. Confused........
  158. Should I?
  159. Which houses do you have in FR?
  160. -.- Ok i cant decide betwwen these two
  161. Christmas or halloween?
  162. Haloween Costume Polll Oooh~~And Guessing what I will be
  163. Are you in team werewolf or in team vampire?
  164. the final test...........
  165. What Browser do you use?
  166. Halloween Themed House or lot or both
  167. Who knew that David Beckham had OCD???
  168. Emo, Goth, or Girly Girl
  169. How did you decide your Free Realms character's name?
  170. Do you watch iCarly?
  171. Favorite season?!
  172. what if.....
  173. If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?
  174. Which one do you like?
  175. Warrior Armor Names
  176. Which avatar picture should I choose?
  177. which is my fav animal
  178. funs times
  179. New Rides!
  180. i cant decide
  181. What Kind of Book(s) Do You Like to Read?
  182. Do you cry often?
  183. If You Found a Penny on the Ground, Would You Take It?
  184. Idea For Insiders Council
  185. Should Grimmy start getting interested in Housing in FR? [poll]
  186. How to spend my SC...? ~POLL~
  187. Favorite Sport!!!
  188. Is Anyone Coming To My Party?
  190. Favorite Band/Singer!
  191. Closed closed closed closed closed closed closed
  192. Dancing or Singing?
  193. Dancing or Singing?
  194. Cartoon me contest winners
  195. Free Realms Dueling League
  196. New Story Topic?
  197. Do you like the new make-over?
  198. ♥My drawing contest vote ♥
  199. What do you think of Justin Bieber
  200. New Front Page: Do you like it?
  201. What Pet do you think is the best in Free Realms
  202. Insiders Sites?
  203. Do You Love Build-A-Bear?
  204. Facebook Code For Small Wilds house, Giving green shorts for Code for small wilds house no scamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. What to do
  206. POLL: War Machines
  207. Favorite Book Genre?
  208. Do you like sonny with a chance?
  209. #2 In The Random Pollz Series: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  210. do you think...
  211. ♥ PAINT Me a Picture Contest: VOTE ♥
  212. Favorite animal
  213. #1 In The Random Pollz Series: What's your favorite color?
  214. Which should I buy?
  215. Whats ur Favorite Combat Job?
  216. What should I get?
  217. Fall
  218. Would you rather...... Please Choose one!
  219. Some stupid Question Poll...
  220. Can't choose which Siggy picture
  221. SIGNATURES-Which Do I Use?!
  222. New Mount/ Pet?
  223. Sun or Moon?
  224. Who gets Kyle? Promise, last poll.
  225. Who gets Grimmy? >:D
  226. Who Gets Drake :P
  227. Should I sell my Frog Mask?
  228. Should I Do a Lil Insiders Party?
  229. Okay... Some stupid question to ask.
  230. My Results Are In!
  231. Epicness:
  232. SC?
  233. Should i change my IGN to these five
  234. Would you like the vault back?
  235. Another Lovely Surprise For You All.
  236. A lovely surprise for you all.
  237. What Kind of Realmer are You?!
  238. Mythical Creatures...
  239. Willy Wonka YOU LOSE song
  240. Super Luigi Galaxy. SHOULD I post my LP of it from Youtube?
  241. M&Ms
  242. Guys or girls?
  243. Pirated Skies Wing Walking
  244. :O 10000C just for answering a question!
  245. night or day
  246. ATTENTION: Music Video Showdown! VOTING THREAD!
  247. Mounts?
  248. Level 20 Jobs
  249. Favorite Band?
  250. Music Video: vote on a song!