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  1. Trident is on a Nostalgia Trip
  4. Tera
  5. Project Friendship
  6. Free Realms Reborn and what you can do to help
  7. i miss everyone
  8. How are y'alls?
  9. You be bawlin
  10. where you guys go?
  11. The Future of FRI?
  12. Reduce time between reports.
  14. Auction House on FR
  15. Fri needs to have default font setting
  16. Known Spambots
  17. few things that have to get fixed :)
  18. I had a couple ideas for Lots and Houses!
  19. XD
  20. :D
  21. Bringing this back up
  22. [Suggestion] Award System
  23. Weapon Idea
  24. [Suggestion] User Tagging
  25. anime clothing items
  26. Suggestion
  27. Reset Jobs?
  28. Market Moderators
  29. Journalist or Golfer job?
  30. fr and tablets
  31. Earning SC.
  32. Be Careful
  33. Just a suggestion.
  34. Sitting on Furniture.
  35. people in homes
  36. moon and stars in sky
  37. Scammers Don't Get PUNISHED WHAT THE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  38. The Criteria For Judging A Printing Company
  39. treasure war quest line and new booster packs
  40. personal text
  41. Trading Sport shades and etc o:
  42. Put "Free Realms Insider"(or site) in front of Rules & Suggestions
  43. My opinion on this lool
  44. New clothes :D
  45. Sitting, and accessories!
  46. New Job Idea: Designer
  47. Clouds
  48. Shooting star hover board, space boots ideas
  49. Stars and moon
  50. Genie and player cart idea
  51. Real Clothing :D in FR :)
  52. Add Asian Items In Game!
  53. More FRI Staff
  54. Idea For FRI
  55. Idea for new rides
  56. Possible Idea
  57. Real Life Clothing in Free realms?!? READ:
  58. Player made items
  59. please never change your MAO rule in the Market
  60. Sugguestion
  61. Idea
  62. New Staff?
  63. Cupid wings for human's for valentine's day, a suggestion....
  64. An online indicator?
  65. Auto-locked threads?
  66. Foul & Inappropriate Language: Please Read!
  67. Navigation Aggravations
  68. Suggestion for New FRI Background
  69. Making signatures bigger.
  70. ( Pics Included ) New Website Theme For Insiders o: ?
  71. Confused On Profile Customization?
  72. [BUG] Profile customization does not save
  73. Our old theme/skin: What did you like and dislike?
  74. Can we go back to the old set up of the forums?
  75. "Reviving" Old Threads
  76. Annoying How...
  77. [Suggestion] Please increase the signature size!
  78. SUGGESTION: Thread Drafting
  79. Dislike
  80. Question for a staff member.
  81. Rules?
  82. Price Check 2.0 Suggestion
  83. Item Price List
  84. FRI Suggestion
  85. ERROR W0
  86. Project FRI !
  87. 10 Post Rule Thingy
  88. Rules question: Age and State Allowed?
  89. Just a Few Ideas :)
  90. Blog suggestions.
  91. Make it possible to edit the title so people will know when a thread has ended or is closed
  92. Newbs..Is it a title or "sterio type"?
  93. Šüggėśtïøñ: iPod/iPad App
  94. Suggestion: Using furniture
  95. Reminder about forum "Likes" and "rep" systems on FRI
  96. Suggestion: By house additions
  97. Some things i would like
  98. Ideas
  99. Suggestions: Preset Font and Font Color
  100. Trade TCG and regular items
  101. Suggestion: More Hair Styles!
  102. big big party! At my 7 storie castle! plz come check it out!
  103. How to Redeem Virtual Rewards!
  104. New Game/job in freerealms idea
  105. Play our favourite music in Free Realms
  106. New NINJA area
  107. New clothing idea
  108. Honest Saying about Guild/Forum
  109. Actually a BUG on FRI ...
  110. Suggestions
  111. New Weapon
  112. A new job and weapon idea
  113. Some ideas i just thought of
  114. Username Changes Are Closed - Please read first.
  115. fighter/skill or ability for adventurer idea
  116. Some of my ideas this month
  117. New Key Collections Suggestion
  118. Black shorts!
  119. a microphone weapon
  120. A "try it" button (other then pets)
  121. Suggestion To Insiders;
  122. The Streams of Lights
  123. Suggestion to FRI : Update the items on sale?
  124. vault berries :(
  125. New Wing Card Suggestion
  126. Spam
  127. Suggestion: Rockstar Job! *Picture Included*
  128. We need to clean up our act, guys
  129. When people break rules...please report it and move on.
  130. Clarification of auction rules please?
  131. Suggestion: check off what you want to sell
  132. Prce Check Posts.
  133. this is my first post
  134. Suggestion: Change Your Username
  135. Suggestion - Hotels!
  136. new oufit ideas
  137. clothing
  138. pets/rides
  139. next round
  140. a twist on an ides
  141. and idea from watching a movie
  142. Suggestion: Multiple People Able to Edit a Post
  143. [Suggestion]Your own name!
  144. Reputation, What's It For?
  145. Staff Appreciation Day!
  146. [Suggestion] Dyes
  147. Suggestion For Free Realms Insider Non-Updated Content
  148. Nonalowed Thrashing to scammers
  149. Reporters to think twice about
  150. A Thread about "people" avatars... Please read
  151. Status Box suggestion
  152. PS3 sub-forum suggestion
  153. Blog Rules?
  154. What to do when "bad/inappropriate ads" or "spammers" post on our site
  155. This section is for Free Realms Insider Suggestions
  156. Make sure not to go wild for posting cause you never now about getting banned!
  157. a thread about Bumping: What is and isn't allowed
  158. FR Expansion Pack: The Fourth Realm
  159. Too many stickys
  160. Suggestion-fri year book
  161. Suggestion: IN-GAME RPs, sponsored by FRI
  162. Mounts!!!!
  163. F2P Expansion and Loot System
  164. Close Your Own Thread!!! and....
  165. Loot...
  166. Web site value
  167. FR for Wii
  168. Rides
  169. SC
  170. Suggestion- Sc wheel!!!
  171. Suggestion - Coin earning, just by playing.
  172. Suggestion: Jet black shirt/jacket for guys?
  173. Suggestion: More music to party to? :P
  174. Something about the report system...
  175. Lending
  176. Cool New Free Realms Ideas
  177. New Weapon?
  178. I would like to see series 3 booster packs
  179. 2011 New Festival of Hearts Ideas
  180. Suggestion to keep clutter out.
  181. Character suggestions
  182. Suggestions for costumes
  183. Some random Suggestions
  184. Suggestion: Boss Themes
  185. Happy Holidays to the Referees
  186. Suggestion: Treasure City
  187. Cars, Boats, and Planes
  188. Boss Theme, Anyone?
  189. A separate Roleplay Section.
  190. Lions and tiger and bear oh my!
  191. A Vault Day!
  192. Search area
  193. Sale Items - Insider's web pages
  194. New jobs ideas XD Rockstar and Fashion Designer
  195. -A couple ideas-
  196. New Job Idea!
  197. Suggestion: Member's Only armor (T1-5)
  198. Scammer punishment
  199. -Mounts-
  200. I would like to join insiders and this is my how to keep your FR account safe :)
  201. More shorts :D
  202. Coin Shop Pet Pals for SC
  203. New members, old questions
  204. Referee Appreciation Day
  205. Customization Suggestion
  206. Move the RPs
  207. Umm, Station Cash Pl0x
  208. Mauls; a suggestion provided by: me.
  209. Suggestions: Expand your Apartment and Get people to your House easily!
  210. Clothing Suggestions.
  211. Free Realms should have diffrent mounts!
  212. New Background
  213. FRI icon
  214. Clothing Suggestions and Housing Suggestions
  215. Boost up your render distance!
  216. Pet Sell Back
  217. Guide To Halloween - Free Realms Tips & Tricks to have a Wonderful Spooktacular
  218. Rate us!
  219. My new amusement park lot-jamie lilacsong
  220. Suggestion: Halloween "Mask"
  221. Suggestion for the items in previews in coin shop.
  222. Make a FRI Iphone app!
  223. Suggestion: Ninja Party!
  224. Suggestion: Saving Free Realms Insider!
  225. Suggestion: Multi-Realm Lots
  226. Market!!!
  227. Signature Details
  228. How many time can you use the bean burrito?
  229. Widow sweets?
  230. Is It Allowed To Tell Someone A Website?
  231. Am i the only one who cant log on freerealms?
  232. What to do and What NOT to do
  233. Rudeness
  234. You must respect everyone that is a player or so...
  235. Down with black text!
  236. "Latest Posts" Suggestion
  237. Wouldn't it be cool if..
  238. Why does no one use the trade chat no more?
  239. A Suggestion about Dyes
  240. New Front Page Glitch & Bugs
  241. My suggestion for a new FR profile
  242. Suggestion: War Machines
  243. If you could have just one wish in the world other than having money, what will it be and why?
  244. [Suggestion]: Treasure Trader Forum
  245. Changes that Really Need To Be Made In FreeRealms
  246. Furthering Suggestion: The Apocalyptor
  247. Some suggestions :3
  248. Target Audience
  249. Organization XIII cloak
  250. AFK / BRB Button