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  1. Cinderella Castle TOUR
  2. Ancient Towering Palace
  3. James Royallance's Scary blackspore Woods
  4. Massiver Park
  5. I Need Ideas!
  6. Richard IceDragon( Icemace) Houses
  7. Richard Icemaces Houses
  8. exoctic ancient tower Richard Icemce
  9. exoctic ancient mansion Richard Icemce
  10. exoctic ancient mansion Richard Icemace
  11. Please Donate to my building project!
  12. Black Castle
  13. Pirate Cove lot almost finished :D
  14. New Marble house!
  15. My finished lot lol
  16. Olîvia's Ancient Coast
  17. ghetto apartment projects for freerealms
  18. Kotaro Realms's Pleasant Home
  19. In game house idea
  20. Elegant Modern Home - Kyle Majesticmeadow
  21. Meh House So Far....
  22. The Citadel!
  23. My lot in game
  24. My (unfinished) Pont x]
  25. My houses
  26. my freerealms lot
  27. My finished lot ^ ^
  28. new crazy lot
  29. New maze lot
  30. Welcome to Snowhill Estate
  31. Housing Items
  32. Magnificent Coast
  33. Chateau
  34. Awesome A"MAZE"ing Tower
  35. The Impassible Maze
  36. ~ Beautiful Beach
  37. Sky Mansion 2.0 Official Thread
  38. Mÿstic Lot
  39. My new house. "Peaceful Seaside Home" **NOW RELEASED**
  40. Camp Half-Blood!!!!!
  41. Calling All Legend of Zelda Fans!!!!!
  42. all about building good houses
  43. Lot Pics
  44. Visit my castle! :d its huge o.o xd click this if your amazin!!!
  45. OMG my farm!!!!
  46. My First House With New Building Materials!
  47. Now in housing directory: Ancient Citadel
  48. Oakdream Outdoor Resort, Wugacuhg School, Oakdream Studios Headquarters, Theater of Free Realms-- My Houses and Lots thread
  49. <Insiders> Signs
  50. How do you Multiple blocks?
  51. Towering Sands' Lighthouses
  52. I miss this place.....
  53. My FR lot! (Ancient Dwelling)
  54. Lunarsong's Sparkling Royal Vale! *Please look around and rate* :)
  55. Big red house o.o
  56. My Western House <Work In Progress>
  57. Seaside WIP House
  58. The Boardwalk
  59. FR Style de Corbeau
  60. Housing Project: Minecraft Creeper
  61. Listing: Best Free Realms Houses and Lots
  62. Finished Beach Lot!
  63. Amazing Villa by Courtney Whitevale
  64. Katlyn's Housing Thread
  65. Oakdream Outdoor Resort Official Thread
  66. NEW Majestic Blue Tiger Private School, join now!!!
  67. Book Empire
  68. Building Tips
  69. Castle
  70. Irriss's Housing Tips/guides [guide]
  71. Castle, airport, hotel, store, and more! (Help needed!)
  72. Airport (Coming Soon)
  73. Kyle's Helpful Tips to Build [Guide]
  74. Kyle's Delightful House
  75. The Giant Dog
  76. Roman Coliseum
  77. Free Realms Obstacle Courses
  78. Hipster Bar-DJ Booth-Weirdy Platform thing Condo
  79. Kyle's Fantastic Picnic Lot
  80. Building a Castle! Help?
  81. Siena Cathedral
  82. My School o-o
  83. *UPDATED*Return of the Sky Mansion!
  84. ?????
  85. Village of Love is complete!!!
  86. New school on free realms to come.
  87. Wilds Condo!
  88. I love building
  89. Need ideas.!!!
  90. NEW LOT!!!!!
  91. Blackspore Brezzy Mansion!
  92. Lodge problems and oddities
  93. Found: Saparilla mugs
  94. The new Ayani Camp and School Of Jobs.
  95. VIP stairway
  96. Elite Seaside Park
  97. Track Parteh ^_^
  98. Reccomendations of Lots and Houses
  99. Really really in need of ideas for my castle/building! ^-^ click here and share!
  100. Merry Vale County Fair Coming in June!!
  101. 'Festive Snowhill Den', a Ski Lodge!
  102. Gingerbread PlayHouse
  103. Neo Shiori's Blackspore Haven City
  104. Free Realms Suggestion Council!
  105. Visit My seaside Mansion!
  106. Pavana's House - we've decked the halls for Xmas
  107. My Blue Haven Lot Tour 2.0 Coming Soon!
  108. RP school plz?
  109. Fixing up my house for New Year's
  110. Home-Made Shelf Building (from FR Zam)
  111. Squid-Alien Art in Sunstone Valley OOB?
  112. SHOW DAYS! by Aaron Esko: 12-7-11 Visit RED SHARPIEs lot at 7PM TODAY!
  113. Lost Friends Graveyard.
  115. Sunstone valley lot
  116. A tour of my Large Wilds House Treehouse
  117. housing glitches
  118. I NEED A TEDDY BEAR.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Seaside Village
  120. Exotic Home by Johnny Lizardgate
  121. Doc's Helping Station Tour!
  122. New House- The City Of Ember
  123. Doc's Helping Station! *OPEEEN*
  124. Need help with Building? Need Inspiration?
  125. Lost Mine Trailer / Teaser
  126. My House ***LARGE PHOTOS!!!*** Maddy Dazlinggate (chase123456tan)
  127. my house
  128. most blocks in game?
  129. Beautiful Royal Mansion (Large Wilds House) Thread **WARNING: LARGE PHOTOS AHEAD**
  130. My next project
  131. A Movie Inspired Idea
  132. Housing stuff needed
  133. Coming Soon...
  134. Ke$$ha finally opens her Great Sphinx of Giza!
  135. House Horror
  136. Theme Park! :D
  137. Tree Lake Lot, Epic House on Water
  138. Lighting for a million years...
  139. My Houses
  140. taking suggestions
  141. sabor tooth tiger and mayvale rainbow made out of blocks
  142. i love houses
  143. Doctor Raven's school for Medics: Apply for a student place
  144. Doctor Ravens School for Medics- Jobs Forum
  145. **!Nilla's And Melanie's Treehouse!**
  146. crazy cool housing girl on free realms
  147. Ke$$ha presents her One of a kind Disney Castle!
  148. Tropical Resort bye Jamie Lilacsong
  149. FRI sign made out of blocks...
  150. How To Play: Porter Peril---Video Included
  151. Amazing Bounce House
  152. My Cinderella Castle
  153. My Obstacle Course
  154. Royal Cove - Finally Finished!
  155. I need donations
  156. I need Donations
  157. Donations for Ancient Palace!
  158. Im going to Build what ever you guys want me too
  159. Trent Zephyrjolt's Cool Cool Condo
  160. Bizarre Red Haven grand opening day!!!
  161. Doctor Raven's School For Medics: Applying for the Deputy Head position
  162. Want to become a teacher at Doctor Raven's School For Medics? (my medic school)
  163. :P an ugly house
  164. New housing ideas; what free realms should add
  165. Doctor Raven's School For Medics - Where and What the alchemist does
  166. Doctor Raven's School for Medics
  167. House veiwing reccomendations :D
  168. Glorious Gigantic Arena
  169. The VIP House.
  170. Housing copetition
  171. Grand Opening MUST READ
  172. Tips for Housing
  173. Hidden Stuffs X3
  174. Grand Opening Info.
  175. EDITED: Blue Glade Runway
  176. Welcoming Kyle Majesticmeadow! (To FRI)
  177. peanut city
  178. my house
  179. Housing Server
  180. Housing Server Currently UNAVAILABLE?
  181. Pikachu made of blocks
  182. New rope idea for housing.
  183. Sandy beach lot
  184. Henry Love and Merry Vale lot (Bizarre Exotic Haven) Almost done!
  185. BANS
  186. Shrouded Glade Lot---Ideas?
  187. Weird Be-Mine Bouquet From the Gifting Basket
  188. Henry Love (Henry Flamebreath) and the Bat cave lot!
  189. Bat cave lot?!?!??!
  190. My track, The Fail!
  191. Castle
  192. Henry Flamebreath Merry Vale playground ( Peaceful Exotic Heaven)
  193. I will reveal my TITANIC on the real TITANIC'S 100th anniversary...
  194. Housing Idea for Wugachug Lot
  195. I built my own Ninja training camp. And built the R.M.S TITANIC in one of my lots! and the rest of my lot is awesome!
  196. Why can't i get into my house on FreeRealms.
  197. My wicked awesome house on display!
  198. Lot Ideas~
  199. My lot: Check it ingame.
  200. xD
  201. Takin' Donations for my HEAVENLY PALACE!
  202. Any House Ideas I Could Use?
  203. Question Concerning about The Netherworld Project.
  204. Guild: Walk Through Walls!
  205. Valentine's Day Theme Park!
  206. Pirates have invaded!
  207. Blackspore Swamp House
  208. Henry Flamebreath - birthday party ( jubilee party) at shrouded glade stairs lot! amazing awesome castle!
  209. Isabella Diamondheart55's Club House!
  210. OOB Housing.
  211. [Guide] Building.
  212. Funny Jumping Glitch :D
  213. How to Build Underground
  214. *Poof* There it goes >:/
  215. Crystal Mines Lot!!!
  216. Aren't all you guys happy...
  217. Oh.... My.....HEVENS!!!!!
  218. Official FRI Housing Directory — Post Your House/Lot Name Here!
  219. My Housing Directory!
  220. Henry Flamebreath - All playground,lots,houses,techinques from youtube. Will be updating it as much i can!
  221. Henry Flamebreath - and the gift for Insiders!
  222. Home Show: Henry Flamebreath
  223. Sterlyn city's first attraction!
  224. 4 in one apartment
  225. House made out of tables! House made out of tables! Learn how!
  226. Hope they do a beach house next
  227. Anyone have pics of the new house?
  228. Henry Flamebreath - Blackspore swamp house (Henry's home)
  229. University
  230. See my maze
  231. My Halloween House
  232. A climbing maze!!!!!!!!
  233. My houses!
  234. How to make a realistic house, or any buildings!
  235. Donations For My "Halloween Dance Party"
  236. halloween party
  238. Shadow Kevin's Seaside City
  239. Henry Flamebreath - Shrouded glade (Ancient Playground of Great Pharaos!)
  240. Gigantic Things!
  241. Nikky Wildtrekker's (aka Sammiebird101's) Houses Forum Thread *Updated!*
  242. haunted house opening
  243. Orthuss is making an Igloo Maze!
  244. Haunted House Grand Opening
  245. New Houses
  246. Sandy beach lot.
  247. *NEW* mini palace free to visit!!!
  248. My Resort/Park at Lonely Island lot.
  250. my house!