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  1. Delete thread please
  2. Soccer was easy until I had to lvl up to 5 quest and it got harder o_O
  3. Soccer!
  4. Do you think Soccer star is easy to max?
  5. Not any more: You can't just stand around and win
  6. Can I charge the kick while running?
  7. hello do any of you need help?
  8. Auto goal! Best moments.
  9. Soccer game...
  10. soccer
  11. Soccer Star Clothing
  12. How?
  13. Soccer Star just get easier?
  14. moyinator's soccer facts for the lost O.o
  15. i just stand there an i won
  16. New Goal time email!
  17. Woot we have a soccer forum now!!!!!!!!
  18. New Secret Football Star quest!
  19. SOCCER MEMBERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!