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    Default What to do and What NOT to do

    First of all i would like to go over some rules that you might be aware about this {RULE} is very important
    you must never ever give out your information this is a NEVER.Second of all me in my time of playing on fr ive heard many complaints about rude gestures and bad language well i want that to STOP it is very mean and most of our players have very bad vocabulary and most of our players are sometimes young so please if i see someone doing that add me erin royal hammer and i will help you immediatly

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    Default Re: What to do and What NOT to do

    I will add you as I always encounter the "players with bad vocabulary' part. Around 98% of the time. I need somebody to help polish their grammar as they are butchering the English language which makes me die a little inside every-time.
    Why is it when someone posts a question in the "Somebody Help" section; somebody will answer it and then the ten or so subsequent posters will post the exact same thing as the first poster?

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    Default Re: What to do and What NOT to do

    We have a problem with using simple... PERIODS. Yes " the little dot" "."

    It's not your guys' place to correct grammar problems here on FRI. Nor is it a mod's place. It's recommended to use simple grammar. But not required.

    You won't find me on FreeRealms anymore. If you want to meet me in Mabinogi, my IGN is Svanett & I'm on server Alexina.

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