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    Default wat is at still watter

    i think there should be something special in the small town of still water like a giant pirate ship or a flying one

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    Default Re: wat is at still watter

    LOL that would be cool

    -ryder titanjumper

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    Default Re: wat is at still watter

    Stillwater Crossing was meant to be another area for new players like Crossroads or Highroad Junction.

    I'm guessing that they might release a playground there too so that "there would be even more exposure to the SC furniture items" (Which obviously leads to SOE getting more money)
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    Default Re: wat is at still watter

    Not much.
    Stillwater Crossing is designed to be an area where new players could get their feet wet (pardon the pun). I think it's a good idea. There is plenty to do in the other realms when you get bored with it.

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