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    Default Too many stickys

    If you go to the FRI News and Announcements forum, you will notice that the normal posts do not begin untill part way down page two. The entire first page plus, is taken up by stickys, many of which are out of date, and one that is a double post. Although this particular forum appears to be the most affected, it is not the only one that has an overloaded sticky section.

    Many members do not pay much attention to the sticky sections anymore because they are overloaded and out of date. The purpose of these sections is to draw our attention to post worthy commentary, but many of us have developed a habit of scrolling past them to get to more current topics.

    If I could persuade staff to clean these areas up, I think more members would take note of the content posted there.

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    Default Re: Too many stickys

    I agree Layla!
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    Default Re: Too many stickys

    I went to the News and Announcement page and there is only one sticky. That section posts our front page articles. There were some duplicates and i deleted those. The new Front Page editor can be tricky at times. Thanks for alerting us to the duplicates and as far as stickies go in other sections, I'm sure its time to go thru and clean them up again.

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