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    Icon4 Thereare rules in free realms !

    you mite be shocked but if someone is making you mad NEVER be mean back!Report them dont say bad stuff PLEASE!

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    Default Re: Thereare rules in free realms !

    yup thats the way i always handle it. its never a good idea to instigate a trouble maker

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    Default Re: Thereare rules in free realms !

    Yep, when someone spams, report, when someone ask for your password, report, etc., report LOL

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    Default Re: Thereare rules in free realms !

    We all pretty much know that...

    What i do if they are annoying to me i just say shoo or buzz of,
    Then if they don't i throw a few pieces of sassy-ness at them,
    Then if they DON'T LEAVE i just ignore them

    And dont report them RIGHT away that is what is called a report happy,
    And they are frowned upon in the internet.Just tell them to please stop not be all "IMMA REPORT JOO CAUSE YOU SAY IMMA UGLY!" and if there just a pest tell them to leave and then don't report them but just warn them that you will if they keep on being rude and Smart Alec.

    what i'm saying if you didn't get that bit is
    (someone who reports anyone if they do one little thing)

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