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    Default A Suggestion to a Suggestion

    This is a suggestion to a suggestion. This is a suggestion to Firehawk894's suggestion: (Suggestions: Making Houses and Lots even MORE enjoyable!)

    I'm not trying to say it's bad or anything, it extremely awesome (epic) but I have another idea that could go with it. Maybe along with pets they could let you get NPCs to give out the quest also. Like in the SC shop have a list of a whole bunch of NPCs like chugawugs, humans, pixies, changeling, robgoblins, and a whole bunch more. They could have a little place in your yard, and you can also pick the little actions they do, and if they walk around.

    So, is this good? (and does the person who posted the original suggestion think it's good to? He gets most of the credit, anyway.)
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    Default Re: A Suggestion to a Suggestion

    I like your addition to it, and yes I read the original suggestion too
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