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    Default Re: Suggestion: Spin Fixes

    Quote Originally Posted by pavana View Post

    It's happened to me.

    Another suggestion - something to do with the fish. I have all these
    fish that are supposed to be fully usable fish. Namely you can
    carry them around for show.

    How about something to use the fish for? To put in recipes
    for instance, or some other use. I have 15 of these different
    type fish to use in weapons with regular clothing (like the lollipop),
    and would like to use them for some good use.
    WHOA which fish? I thought there was only three weapon fish and i have caught every fish
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    Default Re: Suggestion: Spin Fixes

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBananaKing View Post
    They're supposed to have recipies for them, that's what SOE said

    Also, pavana, is your name Iocane on the official forums?

    My member name is jeanannd but my character in the game is pavana. Lately, I've not had the name above my character to stop from being constantly clicked on. I don't mind chatting and maybe helping out - but lately people just click on me without any idea of what they want and request friend status or trade.

    Oh well. If you need to speak with me - let me know which server and a time, and can have my name above the character's head again. Am normally a night person as my husband gets the computer for the day time hours.
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    Default Re: Suggestion: Spin Fixes

    Please keep this discussion polite. If you can not post with respect to both sides of this discussion, the thread will be closed. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Suggestion: Spin Fixes

    Well,the Wheel is all based on luck. Don't blame the Wheel just because you got a meager item,it's just a game of chance,but I do think that being able to charge your spin (like the regular wheel) would be a nice addition.

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    Default Re: Suggestion: Spin Fixes

    I agree. Outta 200 minigames, battles, etc... I have gotten three level 20 items. heartbreaking. And the chef one sux cuz you have to go out and do the other minigames for bundles. hate it.

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