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    Default Suggestion: IN-GAME RPs, sponsored by FRI

    In other games such as Runescape, the roleplays are mostly in game. I've noticed we only do forum RPs here, so I was thinking...

    Maybe we could have in-game events? For example, twice a week at a certain time and a certain place, we could act out random plot lines that people would create, mix, and suggest throughout the week. Afterwords, or if we would record/take pictures, we would give either a detailed or basic summary on the forums in a certain thread.

    Okay, so we couldn't be as creative within the game (we actually have limitations... on the forums we can teleport anywhere and have more appearance-freedom, etc.), but still, it would be a nice event!

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Suggestion: IN-GAME RPs, sponsored by FRI

    Wow......that sounds pretty fun! I was actually thinking about this, but you beat me to it! Yeah, this seems like something that might attract a bunch of people, and it would grow, and grow, and grow. Still, sounds fun!


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    Default Re: Suggestion: IN-GAME RPs, sponsored by FRI

    I'm not much of an RP player, but I would like to offer a little input.

    A greater range of character actions/abilities (which would make IG RP easier and more fun) is something that would have to be addressed from a developers standpoint. Have you considerd posting this idea to the FR Official Forums?

    A more limited RP that works within the existing limitations of the game is an event that a player, or group of players, could plan out as a member event. If you can generate an activity as a player, I'm sure the staff here would be willing to post it to the calendar as a member event for you.

    That second thought may entail more effort than you wish to put into it, and will not serve to insert RP as a permanent feature of IG play. I'm just trying to offer a couple of suggestions to help you get the ball rolling.
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