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    Default Suggestion:FRO

    I've been reading the Mythos section of the forums and it looks like everyone is wondering about FR history. Well what if they created another game connected to Free Realms but named Free Realms Origins! And all of it is about what happened before FR. Like the time of Ayani or something like that.
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    Default Re: Suggestion:FRO

    I'll have to say no. :s

    Free Realms should be able to explain itself inside itself without the need for another side addition. Not to mention that over Free Realms' life, more information will come and they'll have some interesting ways of doing it.

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    Default Re: Suggestion:FRO

    I'll have to agree with Monkies.
    After all, they could create a feature of the website with texts of the histories, like RuneScape. A whole section of the site dedicated to telling the history of the infamous NPCs and the unknown lands.
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    Default Re: Suggestion:FRO

    i agree with them lol.

    but have you noticed that..

    Free Realms Origins..


    as in aFRO
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    Default Re: Suggestion:FRO

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronEsko View Post
    When I saw the title , I thought of the hairstyle too . lol
    A second later , I guessed that it had some sort of FR connection ...

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    Default Re: Suggestion:FRO

    I think there should be a quest that unlocks--- wait for it--- a deeper part of the memorial caverns... it should be called- "Digging up the Past" You would start by talking to some dude who had lost something... then u find it...
    When u find it, you hear the ground creak, and u fall into a deeper part of the memorialC. There is this deep tunnel that is filled with water and bones and stuff and you swim in it to this area that is filled with crystals, and they crystals are all shining on this parchment on a little rock shelf in the water! hehe- and the parchement contains!!! I don't know, like the past of the past or something!

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