Yep. Suggestion time! This time, unlike other suggestions (That had to deal with weapons...), we go into themes for our many bosses of Free Realms! (The music for the bosses is the SAME as the regular combat themes. So I thought of having more 'diversity' to our bosses)
These are the themes I got so far:

Geomancer Hailstorm and Geoffrey:

All Bosses in the Wilderness Area:

All Bosses in the Freminnik (Snowhill) Province:

All Bosses (Besides Geomancer Hailstorm) in Daemonheim (Briarwood):

All Bosses in the Wasteland of Blackspore region:

All Bosses in the Sanctuary Depths:

And that's ALL the themes I thought of. From freakin' YouTube.

Hope you like them.