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Title: Suggestion

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    Default Suggestion

    Many people who obtain codes trade them for other things in game. Also, when the seller gives you the code, you don't know if it is an actual working code. What i suggest is that when the person gives you the code, you could put it in the thing and if it's real, it would say something saying that you could claim it. And if you do not claim it, you could use it another time. If it was fake, and you did not trade first, you would still have your stuff and not have been scammed. This way, you if you would want to trade the code to another person in game, you would know that it works, and they could check.

    This is just a suggestion. Sorry if i lost anyone.
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    Default Re: Suggestion

    Good idea
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    Default Re: Suggestion

    I Agree XD.
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    Default Re: Suggestion

    Really good. o:
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    Default Re: Suggestion

    Good Idea... I want my stuff back you dude out thereeee!

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    Default Re: Suggestion

    I like where you're going with this, but it doesn't eliminate the risk of doing this type of transaction, it merely shifts the risk from the buyer to the seller.

    Currently, when a buyer and seller exchange a code for coins, sometimes the buyer ends up with a code that doesn't work. Meanwhile, the seller ends up with their coins 100% of the time, because they won't cough up a code without coins first.

    The problem with your suggested implementation is that the seller of the code would have to give the code to the buyer (for verification) without taking money from the buyer up-front, leading to many possible situations where the buyer takes (and uses immediately, or writes down for later) the seller's code, and then simply refuses to pay (theft) or claims that the code was used (fraud.) This system eliminates defrauding the buyer, but introduces defrauding the seller.

    One idea I've had that might actually eliminate the risk and keep the assets entirely within a trade window: When you input a code on the website, you receive a "card" or item or something in your game inventory, which is tradeable. If you want to use it yourself, just open it from your inventory, OR you can trade it to someone else.

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