The steeple chase you see today is horses jumping over bank and brush jumps on a track. But the original steeple chase was cross country from one church steeple to another, any route you want, straight line best, jumping anything in between.

So, how about an FR steeple chase?

Routes - you want it fairly long with lots of stuff to jump and no narrow spots (tunnels, etc) and a place with hills on the side so spectators can enjoy the spectacle (imagine 40 or 50 of every kind of ride in a bunch hauling cross country. In the race, I'd be attempted to drop back just to see what it looks like around me.)

How about start at the exit from Seaside where the crossroad is to the race track in the south east corner of FR and then up to the road in Sanctuary between the pet center and the stable?

Want more challenge?

Troll Fort to Ty's place to the Durango Zoo to the bridge entrance to Shrouded Glade?


Floren Forest entrance area to the Road House to Cross Roads to the dock on the road up to the overlook south of Thunder Falls raceway (I'm not even sure how to do this one! Don't get lost!)