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Title: Spam

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    Now, I know that a few other people have posted a thread like this (This includes The Painbringer), but I am starting to see new people come on the forum.

    I know that having new faces on the forum is exciting, but suspicions of spam have been bugging me, and some new members of the site after joining immediately resort to spamming just to be at Explorer status. Again, new faces on the forum are quite exciting, but the "Spam-For-Explorer-Rank-Just-Because" thing is getting way too far. And this breaks a couple of rules of the forum.

    Absolutely NOT: Things deemed to be totally unacceptable:

    Spam/Commercial advertising
    and 2:
    Thread domination: Do not try to bully someone into submission or disparage every comment they make, simply because their views may differ from your own. Write a coherent reply setting out your views and then let others have their say.
    (Although this doesn't seem to fit much, it makes ar least PARTIAL sense because the domination part comes in when you just start posting something out of line. If this still doesn't make sense, let me know, and I'll remove it if you so wish.)

    These rules are here for a reason: To keep all members within the guidelines and policies of the forum to keep a natural, fun, and safe internet enviornment.

    And here's an example of the outcomes of spam:
    Seargent Demolisher: Hello, and I am here to explain something from Resistance 3.
    New Member: Call of Duty is the best game ever!
    Seargent Demolisher: I said Resistance 3, not CoD.
    New Member: Resistance sux, CoD rulez!
    New Member: Anyone want to play CoD with me?
    New Member: Plz? I got codes.
    Ashley Preciousfable: This thread must be closed down due to arguments about two different games, and spam is NEVER tolerated on the forums. I am closing this thread to prevent future spam.
    So you see what I mean? Spam isn't tolerated because the Admins/Mods will come up, and close the thread that has been spam'd because of only one or two (Possibly more.) members who just want to ruin other people's forums. THAT's the reason why we have the rules. Besides the point, spam also comes in many different forms, including:
    "Leetspeak": Text speak, and there is also a rule to post in proper English. Leetspeak, in general, is left to other internet sites, and all forums in general do not like leetspeak.
    Number-and-Letter Combinations: Combos of numbers and letters. Example:
    I d0n't c4r3 for your stuff. I care for mine only!!!1!1!
    This is also considered spam, like leetspeak, and even I get irked by this.
    Commercial/Economical Advertising: Another type of spam. This deals with multiple postings of an auction/shop on different thread categories, and also somewhat establishes a Thead Dominance Effect on the same thread. Guys, there is a Free Market thread, use THAT. It's technically in front of your faces, guys. I don't understand why you wouldn't just use THAT after 10 posts. (That DO NOT have spam elements in them, of course.) Also, putting a shop/auction in your signature counts as Commercial/Economical Advertising, too. The Official Rules say this.
    And last but not least: the Private Messaging spam. Although this is private, and this doesn't actually happen, PM Spamming can be EXTREMELY irritating, because you have to go through all of them, delete them, and be sure that this doesn't happen again. VM Spam is the same thing as PM spam, except that most people use it for kicks, and doesn't have a negative effect. But, negative opposites of these "Kick-messages" can happen, too.

    So, in short, these are my informational paragraphs of all of the devastating effects that Spam can have as the outcome in this forum, as well as the types of spam.

    So, YOU must do your part in stopping spam: and once and for all stop the catastrophic repeat that all of us Forum Members must endure.

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    Default Re: Spam

    I agree. I see spam in game a lot, but spam here is just another level of worse. Thank you for this great post/thread Skarrjguy!
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

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    Default Re: Spam

    ???? ok.....

    "Revenge is like a ghost. It takes over every man it touches.
    It's thirst cannot be quenched. Untill the last man standing has fallen." --Vladimir Makarov ( <- link. click to find out who he is.)

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    Default Re: Spam

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny Solarhammer View Post
    I agree. I see spam in game a lot, but spam here is just another level of worse. Thank you for this great post/thread Skarrjguy!
    And I thank you for your thanks to me. It's extremely annoying to see spam in this forum now these days... It's technically not so much the new members, actually, it's just their desire to be over a Newbie Explorer the INSTANT second they join in... although I have not mentioned this *edited - while I understand you may not have meant any harm by this comment, please do try and be polite with issues regarding the staff. I understand you may not be happy with the activity levels you see, but we do this in our spare time (volunteering) and can't be in every place at once! --ashley preciousfable
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    Default Re: Spam

    I only did leetspeak once on the Insiders Chat Thread, then I stopped because it was also difficult for me to read my own post.
    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

    Help us help make THIS Christmas Event a success!!

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    Default Re: Spam

    If you believe someone is spamming the forum simply to earn posts, then you may flag it (report it) for the staff to review. Sometimes people will see other areas of the forum being actively posted on, and assume that they are being ignored and continued to post. That isn't the case, they may just not have anything to add to your post!

    Threads are only closed if they have gotten out of hand. Disagreeing is fine, but you need to do so politely and understanding you need to respect the other member's opinion as well. Please just continue to report the problem it will be looked into as soon as it is possible. Just because you do not see "action" being taken out in public, does not mean we are not resolving issues behind the scenes, or helping out members if they require it.

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