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    Icon1 Some suggestions :3

    Okay, after MUCH consideration (And some posts regarding other things, including the awesomely epic Ella Sparkleflower (If you're reading this think if it a coincidence))

    Okay so here I go!

    1. A new title. For Example: Elite Mercenary The Overlord (Or said name, The Overlord)

    The Overlord: Have an "Evil" affilation, and kill (Or in this case Knock out) 7 Heroes at least once.

    2. New Music: I had about 3 posts regarding 3 of Overlord II's songs (In this case Netherworld Mistress, Empire March, and Empire Upperhand) to be heard in various instances. Netherworld Mistress in the Mermorial Caverns, Empire March for (Some thing, Can't think), and Empire Upperhand for hard bosses, such as Geoffrey. It would be REALLY nice for Netherworld Mistress to at LEAST make an appearence at Memorial Caverns :3

    3. The Apocalyptor. I've had 2 posts regarding the design of The Apocalyptor, and I REALLY wish that I could see it in FR, since I designed it myself. More info of The Apocalyptor will be in threads regarding the tag "Apocalyptor".

    And that's it! Thank you for reading this regarding to anything that I've said.
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    Default Re: Some suggestions :3

    Those Are Some Good Ideas... (:

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