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    Icon2 Skateboard Ride/Mount? :D

    Hey Everyone! I've noticed that a bunch of people have made Skate Parks in their House/Lot for Hoverboards. Notice the Emphissis on Hover? Yeah, I really think they should've made Skateboards first. So why not make them now? And with the release of Skateboards, they could make Helmets and elbow/knee Pads too!

    Tell me what you think!
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    Default Re: Skateboard Ride/Mount? :D

    idk about a skateboard mount... because what about going in water? besides skateboard is just a ground version of the hoverboard >.>
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    Default Re: Skateboard Ride/Mount? :D

    YES THEY NEED TO MAKE A SKATEBOARD MOUNT. I am a skateboarder. I NEED a skateboard mount!

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