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    Default Shooting star hover board, space boots ideas

    Hello again, I have come up with some more ideas for the Free realms game.

    1: Headphones that leave a trail of music notes when character moves around.

    2: Shooting star hover board ride

    3: Laugh-o-matic: a box that emits audience laughter when activated.

    4: Space boots: just like moon boots from the 90's except cooler!

    5: Wub Wub boom box: DUBSTEP BABY!! (well... for those that like that genre)

    6: Hat and glasses as separate accessories. I would love to mix and match my hats and glasses but can't with the current set up.
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    Default Re: Shooting star hover board, space boots ideas

    Nice ideas! And I enjoy your drawings as well. I have to ask about the Laugh-O-Matic though. The idea is wonderful, but when you imagine it do you imagine it being placed like a boom box or being in the weapon slot? I think the weapons lot would be the better idea, however I'm not sure if that's what you already meant. The headphone idea brings up a few ideas of my own. I think that not only should the headphones leave behind notes, they should also provide a character animation similar to what you have in your drawing. Also, many players have been complaining about a lack of a means to create their own Effect Immunity Buffs. Well, the idea of the headphones also adding that animation made me think of another idea.
    What if the headphones were an item that also gave an Effect Immunity Buff. The buff could be called something like "Those dang kids and their thingmabobs", or something less of a mouthful like "In The Zone". The idea being that your so into your headphones that you don't even notice illusions. With this idea in place, I would like to suggest another such item that would do something similar. The Holographic Keyboard. It could go in the weapon slot, and when standing still your character would pick it up, hit a key, and a bunch of holograms would come out the top and act like monitors. After that part of the animation the character would just type away and away on the keyboard. This could also give the "In The Zone" Effect.
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