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Title: Rudeness

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    Default Rudeness

    There has been some rudeness going on around FRI lately, and it just needs to stop! I've been offended, many, MANY times, but I forgave the person. We are all friends here, aren't we? We may not know each other, but still, shouldn't we be the role model for others? We need to be nice! Imagine you insulted someone, imagine what they're feeling! Horrible, right? This whole 'rudeness' just needs to end!

    Post your comments down below.

    Thanks for your time,
    ~~♥Amanda Precioussaber♥~~
    My internet has been out for quite a while now, so I won't be able to get on.
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    Default Re: Rudeness

    here is a bump!
    i agree!

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    Default Re: Rudeness

    Agree. No need to be rude to one another. Imagine someone insulted you. It does feel horrible.

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    Default Re: Rudeness

    I agree! If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself! -nods-
    I'm on the edge of glory, and i'm hanging on a moment with you <3 DONT STOP THE POP! <3
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    Default Re: Rudeness

    I disagree! Don't let others affect you. It's just the internets. Just move on, there are other more important things in life then to be offended by a forum post. Don't let emotions overwhelm our judgment, feeling or thinking.
    In Freerealms itself per se; there are so many rude and obnoxious people around so we have to live and let live. The world does not revolve around us. One simple solution is to ignore them I say.
    This is just my 2SC worth.
    Why is it when someone posts a question in the "Somebody Help" section; somebody will answer it and then the ten or so subsequent posters will post the exact same thing as the first poster?

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    Default Re: Rudeness

    True that i agree this certain RUDENESS needs to stop i mean fri is for people to enjoy them selfs and be friends not foes i mean you never know whos behind that screen whos feeling horrible right now so i think this should stop its just plain rude what people say these days i totally agree with you

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    Default Re: Rudeness

    If you see a comment that you feel is rude, or hurts your feelings. You just need to report it so a staff member can review the comment. No one will be in trouble for reporting something like that, and the person will not be in trouble if it was not rude.

    Thanks for thinking of others!

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