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Title: Reset Jobs?

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    Default Reset Jobs?

    So i have these 2 suggestions which fall under the same catagory...

    1) Just an idea i had earlier but I was thinking if people are max they cant do anything else with the jobs (except earn coins and get clothes) so i suggest they put in a "reset job button" Or something so if your bored and wanna do something you could reset your job to do it again!

    2) Or you could make it like CoD and have different prestiges so that when your max you can choose to "prestige" and it will take you back to level one with a different emblem or something. I dunno its just another idea i came up with.

    Does anyone else like this idea? I am usually deadly bored on this game...
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    Default Re: Reset Jobs?

    I like the first idea. You could always just replay the minigames, but I think it gets boring when there's really no goal at all and it's just to kill time. The second sounds like it'd be interesting, but I don't play CoD so you kinda lost me there. lol

    But nice suggestions.
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    Default Re: Reset Jobs?

    That's an interesting idea. 8] when I maxed all my jobs, I made a new character and started leveling her so I had something to do. I like your second idea.

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    Default Re: Reset Jobs?

    I like it! Maybe you could get like a shirt or something every time you got the job to level 20.
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    True story!

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