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Title: Quest Paths

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    Default Quest Paths

    When on a quest-PATH, I have found ON occasion... I go to find the way to the next place, im to goto and it has RANDOMLY allowed another quest to be at the window for my search //(quest). Im not to happy about that. I think if U are on a lets say "Brawler" quest for leveling up and you have not touched anything, IT SHOULD STAY on the very next won for u to go to and not a random one in ur other quest you have stockpiled.Thoughts>?

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    Default Re: Quest Paths

    that hapens to all of us sometimes no biggy
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    Default Re: Quest Paths

    yes it happens to me all the time. it is rather annoying but maybe one day they will fix that too =P

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    Default Re: Quest Paths

    Yes I now check before I rush off as I have found myself back in the game but following a different to expected quest!!
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