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    Default Project Friendship

    Hi, im looking for some of my old friends. Im the guy who Ran the guild Rejection, and Lumina then basically disappeared from the game, I can explain that further after I make my point.
    I made a kik group called #freerealmsinsider
    I did this to try to bring together the old Free Realms friends and family I had. So please if your out there give it a try? I miss you guys alot
    Furthermore, for my old friends and guildmates: I want to check up on everyone and see how your all doing. You all meant the world to me back then and its a longshot to speak to any of you again, but this is the only chance I have of contacting you.
    Contact info:
    Twitter: originninja
    Kik: originninja
    Skype: DM me on either of the platforms above and I will give you my Skype.
    Palmer Shocksaber
    Owner Of <Lumina>
    Server 1

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    Default Re: Project Friendship

    PROJECT REBORN. I don't know but a group of programmers has come together for PROJECT REBORN. THEY'RE BRINGING IT BACK, WITH IMPROVEMENTS (no costs, everyone has memebership). THIS IS LEGIT AND REAL. SPREAD THE NEWS.

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Home | Free Realms Collection

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