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    Default Prce Check Posts.

    I am getting a little tired of seeing threads needful of response in the help forum being bumped down and buried under price check threads.
    When I point out to members that there is a sub-forum for price checks they always respond with "No one ever reads that forum, why would I post there?"

    If you Mods would be more diligent in moving these posts where they belong the members would have no choice but to use it. We had the same problem at the forum I moderate but, after moving every misplaced thread to it's proper forum not only did the problem cease to exist, the price check forum began to pick up greatly in its use. There is no need for members to be allowed to set site policy for you. If you are going to allow members to junk up other forums by placing price check threads where they feel they will get the most traffic, then you might as well make your life easier and close the price check sub-forum.
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    Default Re: Prce Check Posts.

    If you find threads which you feel are in the wrong section, or could be better placed in another section. Feel free to report it using the red hazard sign, and it will be looked into. We can't be in every place at once, but we do deal with the reports ASAP. We are not allowing members to set site policy, and if it is brought to our attention we will look into the matter. Sometimes our time is needed to look into other issues as well, where a question is posted (the price check thread vs the somebody help section) may be a little more minor in the large scope of things. Thanks for the suggestion.

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