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Title: Possible Idea

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    Default Possible Idea

    I would highly suggest Free Realms try... (Don't like the new chat? Check this idea out)

    Moving the chat box back to the original position and just move the icons over and closer, remove the Hero's Journal (Quest tracker) and Trophy icons... but not get rid of that aspect of the game.
    My thought is to move the Trophy icon above the chat icons. This way players can still access the icon and type back in the original spot again too!
    But even though the Hero's Journal (Quest tracker) has been removed from the bottom bar you can still access it by opening the already on screen quest tab and open the Hero's Journal (Quest tracker) manually by pressing the Icon located in the lower left side of the quest tab.

    (None of these changes have occurred in-game yet, icons have been modified as a guide)
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    Default Re: Possible Idea

    I like this concept, makes it look less cluttered.
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    Default Re: Possible Idea

    This would definitely be nice.

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    Default Re: Possible Idea

    cool, i like it

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    Default Re: Possible Idea

    Seems like a much better idea than what they have now.
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