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Title: Ninja Jitsu

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    Default Ninja Jitsu

    Ah, with the new update, I can new fulfill my dreams of being like Sauske and doing the epic, the daring, the amazing: FIREBALL JITSU! But sadly I can't log in so I don't know the other Jitsu(abilities). me, the energy bar is like my Chakra. Ok, its time for me to stop making some Naruto references. But it wouldn't it be cool if we could do the Shadow Clone Jitsu(not the Shadow Talon thing, I'm talking about duplicating yourself). Or the Water Dragon Jitsu. And how about that Replacement Jitsu(the one where you suddenly replace yourself or another object with something else. There's a whole bunch of them. Post your ideas in here(real Jitsu for Naruto are more than welcome. just state if you made them up of not) Also, I haven't been able to go on Free Realms, so could somebody please tell me the new abilities?

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    Default Re: Ninja Jitsu

    I'm a Hinata fan myself, so, The Chakra Sphere she creates is cool or Gentle Palm.
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    Default Re: Ninja Jitsu

    I think they're called "Jutsu" which is Japanese for "technique." I wouldn't mind using some of Gaara's attacks, like Sand Tsunami.XD I lost track of Naruto, though, so I don't watch it anymore...
    I haven't gone into combat yet, so I can't tell you what's new.
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