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    Default New Topic Suggestion

    I suggest that you make a topic for quests because I'm sure alot of people (including me) have questions about quests or need help with quests. If you think quests is to vauge then you could narrow it down to certain "job" quests. For example, have a place to post just pet trainer quests or just chef quests.

    Another idea is to create a topic where you can talk all about your characters. You can talk about your pets and your clothes and how many levels you are in certain jobs and just everything about your character.

    Also, the rules on this thread/topic/section still read that its Virtual Pets Insider so you might want to change that.



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    Default Re: New Topic Suggestion

    Quests forum has been added!

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    Default Re: New Topic Suggestion

    Yay, it's added!!
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