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    When you reach levle twenty you could buy a pet called demon dog and it's only for maxed out ultimate ninjas and it can go in the battle with you and it can breath fire , fly and vanish
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    Default Re: A NEW NINJA JOB IDEA

    although thats an awesome idea it would make combat way too easy, i can easily complete all level 13+ combat zones, and it would be really expensive, more expensive then a pet and probably a mount, so not many people could buy it

    and anyway FR have a nasty habit of making new stuff like mounts unavailable to people like me who don't spend much money on online games - i'm just cheap, O.K.

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    Default Re: A NEW NINJA JOB IDEA

    I dont think it would be more expensive than mount as it would only be used 1 for an hour and they already have a pet that helps you

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    Default Re: A NEW NINJA JOB IDEA

    Let's do something else like the pets we already have buy them fighting clothes like cyborg and stuff. Then you could have a option if you want to take it in battle or not.

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