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Title: New Jobs

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    Default New Jobs

    I was thinking of secret agents as a that job you have missions rather then quests and they all explode after you finish them. You get to use cool stuff like....speed boats, helicopters, and even ATVS! Each time we have to save Freerealms from a super dangerous enemy that wants to take revenge on FR for something like making almost everything for members.... I want your opinion!

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    Default Re: New Rides

    um... wow... I think not...

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    Default Re: New Rides

    i think it will be a little too advanced for them right as of now. they just created rides, and well they might have to make it kind of like a minigame style like Race care driving or DOD where you are in a vehicle, also kind of meshed between fishing where you can see others in the mini game.

    so this is what I'm thing they will have to add.

    > A mini game feature including what was said in the title
    > A feature to exit vehicles, and enter
    > Add vehicles to a minigame
    > Add New weapons and features. EX: depending on what kind of agent or how advanced your technology is you might have a parachute, a cloaking device, tracking device, etc.
    > Add new Enemies
    > A whole new Questline!
    > Add this as a fusion of DOD And Dungeon minigames.
    > A Whole New wardrobe
    > A place to put it, they will also have to expand the minigame to a vast region, thinking of speed boating to an island.
    > Adding SC additions
    > More coming later, Check back at 8:00
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    Default Re: New Rides

    No offence, but i dont think so...
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