Hey guys... I actually have found out that I had 2 (Or more... if I can remember well enough) ideas upon the currency of Free Realms.

The 1st one: The Dark Crystals.

Dark Crystals are very rare throughout the realms, and require ascertained concentration to find. There are 30 locations areound the world, and some require specific objectives to be finished. A dark glow eminates from these powerful crystals, and can be used to forge (Or imbue) your weapons to become even more powerful.

The 2nd: Fairy Gems

(This is off this topic) I actually noticed that most enemies in the wilds/Briarwood areas are made up of Elven descent... Or whatever sooo...

Fairy Gems are common in the realms, because of most magical creatures being able to carry them. They're vital for imbuing, as well as forging early-on weapons and armor. Should you collect these, you must keep smiting those magical creatures to gain loads. There are also pink crystals that form on rocks, those also make Fairy Gems, too. (Alias is also the Light Crystal(s), but the Fairy Gem made as the original name)

This is all I got so far... I'll think of more when time passes on and on and on, etc.