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    Default My Free Advcie to U!

    well i can give u free advice for kids, ppl, teens, tweens, ect.... I know that with the new system, a lot of nonmembers feel left out and all. Well I have some advice to give to you that might help you out. My brother has done it (with my help) and he's XXXX and he's a little ahead of me with the jobs and stuff. but u know, I helped him so i feel proud.... Well anyways, if your parents don't let you use their credit card, you don;t have one or so on, you can get a Freerealms card. I suggest you get a 5 dollars one cuz that will get the job done. But it's okay if you get more. You just have to be prepared to USE 500 SC. So you log on to Freerealms, enter your code from the card, inside or outside the game and inside the game go to the 'get membership' place. IDK where it is for i haven't been on freerealms for a month now since my computer is not working.Anyways,instead of using the credit card click on the one with the giant letters SC. (I remembered!) and then it tells you how much it is and that you'll have membership for 30 days, blah,blah,blah. Once you do that, hurray!!! You have membership! Now don't go off and goof off. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO GET ALL YOUR JOBS ABOVE LEVEL 5!!! Once they are above level 5, you're safe. You can use them forever!!! So litterally, you have to be wise and use your 30 day membership wisely. Once you get all your jobs above the level 5, you can goof off and do stuff. Well you know wat I mean. Hope this helps all of you nonmembers. If you live in one of those countries that live in non-Freerealms card countries...well theres always ebay but i don't trust that site. Lol, but ya. you should try ebay and get it and use it wisely. lol.

    Another thing, if you guys could post images of that whole process, i'd be glad and if that has been taken off, then let me know cuz then i would have posted all that for nothing. Try it! Post if it helped you. Tell me im right lol just hope you guys get the most fun out of it like i did. Once you get leveled up, you might not feel as left out as members. and maybe u can keep doing that. you might be a member without credit cards. Hope this helps~Renesmee2009</p>

    Please don't share personal information such as ages for safety reasons - Autumn Roselake
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