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Title: Market Moderators

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    Default Market Moderators

    Before we get started... NO this is NOT a thread, ranting on how FRI needs more staff. So do not post if you are going to bring that all up, as this is a simple suggestion.

    So, I have been thinking a lot about this, and out of the entire site, from the looks, most of the members/guests that come to our site view the Market Majorly. Recently, I've noticed a lot not following the rules in that particular area of the site (exception for the recent trolling), so my suggestion is Market Moderators.

    What's a Market Moderator?:
    A Market Moderator is a mod that obviously moderates the market. As I think this section is pretty big, I think this could be essential help to the staff here. These mods would be considered a Non-staff group, and there would be no special spot for them in the guild, <Insiders>, like the actual staff has. The staff would contain the power as any other staff member would, but in that area ONLY. In any other area, they would have to simply report the thread, just like a regular member.

    As I think we lack some modding in that area, again, not ranting about the staff - just saying a point, or if its late modding, the Market Mods would be an essential use to that. If you have to consider one, it would be those who more report posts in that area, maybe the more active traders, etc etc. Or the staff can go whatever way they want.

    Whatcha all think?

    Again, DO NOT post on this thread if you are willing to rant against the staff.

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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    I think that's a great idea, Joe! 8] It would probably help the normal mods/admins too since they would have less moderating to do when they come on.

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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    hmm very good idea
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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    Changed some wording to help it make more sense.

    Thanks ya'll!
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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    I think it would be a good idea, except for the fact that I think from my experience on forums, it would be very difficult to only give those kinds of powers to someone in one specific area of the forums, and nowhere else. An easier solution would be to find someone who logs in very often and promote them. I know people on these forums who are very mature, even if they may not be over 18. If you're over 18, chances are, you can only be active at a very limited amount of time because of school/jobs.

    That was not a rant, if it sounded like one. XD
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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    I like this idea. I agree that section needs some moderation...I myself, although certainly not the most mature person for the job, would love to be a moderator. Even if only for one section.
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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    If there is a post, or thread, that is in violation of our free market rules (found here: or forum rules please report it using the red hazard sign found at the bottom of any post. A staff member will look into ASAP.

    as a reminder to our members using the Free Market, the section has ALWAYS been 'trade at your own risk.' It is not monitored by the staff as heavily as other sections, and we (the staff & site) are not responsible for transactions that may go sour. We will ensure proper forum behavior, but will not insure any trade.

    Here is a link to the thread (originally posted in 2008 ) -- -- which reads:

    Afternoon everyone.

    The staff at FRI would like to clarify a few points to the Free Market.

    We will be here to ensure smooth conduct within our forums and polite behavior is always a must on FRI. The staff of FRI can not be held responsible for the trades you may conduct in this section.

    We believe our members are highly respected people, however the possibility always does exist that the trade may go wrong.

    This includes both Items and Code swaps that may go on here. We can not guarantee the accuracy of a code swapped between members just as we can not guarantee the trade of an item.

    Should an unfortunate situation occur, your means of resolution is by submitting an in game trouble ticket to SOE. They may not return your items, but they take these matters seriously. The matter cannot be resolved by forum staff.

    It is recommended in code trading situations that coin be sent prior to the code itself.

    As an added note: Please do not ask for or give out personal information such as your address. This is still against FRI's rules and will be removed. If you see anyone asking or giving out this information please use the red "report" button to contact a staff member, asap!

    Please continue at your own risk.
    As a final note about the selection of staff members:

    All staff are required to be 18+, submit to a criminal background check, and are selected by the owners of the site. We don't promote any members under the age of 18 to forum moderation, as the background check requires personal information to be revealed (albeit to a small audience - the owners & those performing the check), which is against COPPA laws.
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    Default Re: Market Moderators

    good Idea though

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