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    Default Kool Guild Names & Ideas

    Hay everyone this is Katy Iceriver, which you probably already know by now, and I would like to make a thread all about kool guild names and ideas, so I am hahah.
    Kool Guild Names:
    Wolfram and Hart
    The Powers That Be
    Into The Twilight
    Chaos Bleeds
    Every Rose Has It's Thorns
    *those are all former guilds of mine *
    Bite Me
    Try Me
    Half Way There
    Not Even
    Day N Nite
    Don't Trust Me
    Just Dance
    I hate Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers
    Life can suck
    Only Me
    All Alone
    Into The Darkness
    Upon My Thrown
    (and alott more which i'll prolly update this alott. )
    Kool Ideas:
    Im really tired right now so that you'll have to wait on and contribute to.
    Bye everyone! Thank for reading. Oh, and don't forget to visit my page and stay updated.
    -Katy Iceriver-

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    Default Re: Kool Guild Names & Ideas

    Hey!!! I thought you said you didnt know how to make a thread!!

    Servers:1, 2, or 7
    Name: JoeyRabbitmurmur

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    Default Re: Kool Guild Names & Ideas

    The one about hating Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers is nice, too bad it would probably be too long.

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