Okay, so these ideas just popped up in my mind...

1. Sports/sports teams! They could add things like baseball, volleyball, and other sports that could easily be played by simply using the arrow keys. For example...


When you're in the outfield, you use the arrow keys to go to where you think the ball will land, and once it's in your possession, you choose either 1,2,3, or 4, each representing a plate. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Home Plate) The number you pick will be the plate you throw it to.

When batting, you could press 1 when you want to swing, then run with the up arrow key. You could stop on any base.

Also, there could be sports teams. They would be like guilds, where you can invite people anytime as long as it isn't full. You would enter a league, (each would be about 2 hours) and you would compete against other teams. The winning team at the end would receive a trophy for each member as a housing item. They could even add Playoffs and World Series'. You could practice anytime. Other players could also watch games, and buy consumables in the stands.
2. THE FR OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! There would be all kinds of things like gymnastics, swimming, and more! It would be more independent, and for each event, you could win a medal for your player to wear. (Bronze=3rd, Silver=2nd, and Gold=1st.) There would be Winter and Summer. They could even have special staff competitions!

3. Submarine/Boat/Helicopter tours! You could explore under the ocean at Seaside, or skim on top of it, or look from above at Free Realms! The submarine tours would be right off of the coast of Seaside for you to do anytime! You could maybe go to Atlantis, see tropical fish, and many other things! As for the boat tour, you could go whale watching, see dolphins, and maybe get out and go snorkeling! And in the helicopter, you could just pretty much see an amazing view!

So what do you guys think of these suggestions? Post your thoughts here!