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    Default Ive got an idea

    I think we should have banks for coins
    first you would deposit money then a couple days later if you dont really have any money you can go to the bank and gather the money you deposited earlier
    So do you like this idea?

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    Default Re: Ive got an idea

    I love this idea! I think we should be able to have a safe or a piggy bank in our apartment or house and the houses and apartments should be shared by our alts. This way if one alt needs money they can just go to their shared home and get what they need. I would like to have a closet and chest of drawers to be able to do the same thing with clothes and items. That would be so much easier!!!!

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    Default Re: Ive got an idea

    Great idea both of you! I really think this will help. It might help people to think about saving instead of begging cause they spent their money.

    <Insiders> guild one.

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    Default Re: Ive got an idea

    I agree, I'd like to see more things like this in the game.

    Banks would be cool, especially if we earned interest.

    And a wardrobe would be great. I don't use any alts but I've been knocking around the Realms for a while and my inventory is too full.

    Or a display cabinet for various things: weapons, fish, etc.

    Or a mannequin for clothes.

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    Default Re: Ive got an idea

    I love it!

    God bless,
    Amanda Precioussaber <3
    My internet has been out for quite a while now, so I won't be able to get on.
    ~~Amanda at the Library.
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    Default Re: Ive got an idea

    I like this idea! It would be cool to have like long and short terms.. Like If I put 1000 coins and leave it there for a month, after that I'd get 10% of those coins for free (which is 100 coins I believe). If you put more coins, the more free coins you would get! And there should be plans what I mentioned, long and short.

    For short terms you would get less coins but in a shorter time (like a week or so) and in long terms you would get more coins in a longer time (month, year).

    And to make it a little bit more difficult, you wouldn't be able to withdraw (take coins from the account) in a term for like a week, to make it more bank a-like. There could also be levels.

    Like Gold level Platinum, Bronze, Silver. The more you have one account open, the more coins you will get after long/short terms.

    Like it?

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