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Title: Idea for new rides

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    Default Idea for new rides

    We all remember the gliding rides, like pegasus, dragon, bat, ect. They are pretty cool, being able to fall slowly in a form that feels and looks like your flying. But they are a little disappointing. Most people don't want to fall slowly, they want to actually fly! So I came up with this. The glider mount! When you put it on, your character actually rides a glider, in the form like someone would in real life. What would make it different from a gliding mount is that it can stay in the air as long as you want it, and you can use controls to make it go as high as possible and as low as possible. The controls to make it go high or low would be d (high) and x(low). Although it could go high and low, it shouldn't be able to go so high or low nobody without a glider but every other item can't. I think it should be limited time, 1 or 2 months to get it. I want it to be limited time so it can be rare, not everyone will have it, making it a hundred times more cool to have it and a thousand times less annoying because everyone would have it. I think you should buy it for 675 sc when it first comes back, but as time passes, it grows to 1000 (when it's the last 5 days to get it), for non members. Sense they will be for non members they should be changed to misc. For members, they should be able to unlock the free version by doing a string of 3 quests. The reason why members get it for free is because members don't get enough reconizition. Most people can and will be more satisfied with 4,500 sc (50 dollars) Then a life time membership ($45). I really believe that member should be as important to have as they make it in the clone wars adventures, but not make everything require member. Therefor, this is a good start for that sense there has never been a non-sc member only ride that people actually want extremely ( because most people don't think the farm tractor and the sunstone trex is the coolest thing in the world.)

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    Default Re: Idea for new rides

    When I said 50$ I meant 45

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    Default Re: Idea for new rides

    Lifetime membership is $40, not $45.

    Also, three reasons why this cannot work:

    1: D is a key normally bound to strafe/move to the right.
    2: Gliders glide downwards slowly still. You forgot that part of its motion physics.
    3: Something as complicated as that is normally a script in MMOs, meaning you don't control it. If there was to be such coding, then it would make the game take fairly more rendering time/coding time to do the flying. Also, it would make the game's current proprietary engine obsolete because it is not capable of altitude-control flying, and SOE would have to rebuild the entire game in a completely different engine, such as Unreal Engine 3, or others of the sort.

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    Default Re: Idea for new rides

    Not to be a downer but..

    The Glider Mount
    Isn't there already something that makes your mounts glide?

    Can't comment on the whole rarity thing since I don't really have interest in anything rare but TCG cards.
    Most people can and will be more satisfied with 4,000 SC then a life time membership ($40)
    What? Lifetime membership is one of the greatest things Free Realms released, I have no idea why one would be more satisfied with SC than lifetime membership, all of the membership you pay each month stacks up and ends up to be much more than 40 dollars.

    Alright not much more than 4,000 dollars but in just 7 months paying off the 1 month membership would be almost equal to lifetime, if not higher.

    Edit :
    Sorry if I miss something, hard to read it all a bit together...
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    Default Re: Idea for new rides

    I can already fly around Snowhill and end up at whats-his-name Landon.
    I'm good.
    But those are pretty good.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
    Beware, Thunder King, nobody is safe from my monk.

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    Default Re: Idea for new rides

    He Means A HANG GLIDER
    hang glider.jpg
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