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    Default I had a couple ideas for Lots and Houses!

    Okay, so... It's been bugging me for a little while. I play The Sims, and you have Terrain Painting tools, and you can paint pathways and such using those terrain paints. What if FreeRealms added that? I think it would be awesome! I think for each lot they should have a dirt paint, a path paint and a grass paint. (Like, if you have a Wugachug Lot, the paints would be different from a Snowhill lot.)

    I also think that they should add teleporters that allow you to teleport to a different lot or house. Like, you place teleporter 1 at house A, and teleporter 2 at house B, you would be teleported between the two.

    Lastly, I think you should either be able to expand your lot (and with a lot upgrade, the item cap is upped by a lot), or you should be able to buy a "mega-lot", a lot that's WAYY bigger than the ones they have now, with a larger item limit. I know that reaching the item limit is quite hard, but it wouldn't be as hard if we had more space. I think it would be really fun to have a HUGE lot to run around on. XD

    Thanks everyone for such a wonderful time in the realms!
    I'll be on MMOCentralForums as Tyrynn if anyone needs me.

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    Default Re: I had a couple ideas for Lots and Houses!

    Awesome idea.
    Basically all I do in the sims is build houses. Lol.
    What is this? A community of depression?

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    Default Re: I had a couple ideas for Lots and Houses!

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