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    Hey y'all, it's Lilah! (aka Cambri). It's been a hot second... minute... day... YEARS since I've walked the old paths of the FreeRealms Insider. I think the last time I posted was maybe 2016??? Anyways, I hope that all of you scanning this thread are doing well- especially my old friends and pals from the old days . I've been well over these past few years-started high school a couple years ago, lost a friend to suicide last year (totally personal, but I felt that has shaped me in a way I guess??), lost appetite for Twix bars, and I have found new passions. Sure, that sounded ridiculous (and to be quite frank- it is) but since I lost my childhood (this game lol- I was fortunate to live in a thriving household), I have found new things to stem off of my creativity. I have found new games that are now being played less and new passions that are growing more.

    Not to continue that sappy trend that I have already started in this update, I really hope that everyone has been well- seriously. I don't remember absorbing negativity from this forum and everyone has been typically positive so I hope that positivity still resonates with many of you. I would like to say that I got VERY excited to hear of the news that floated astream- FR:S. I saw the in-game footage and thought "maybe this will be fun an fresh??", but it turns out the initiation of the "sunrise" has not risen above it's last update. Of course it's super fun to see that we can still see our favorite places and NPs and whatnot, but I haven't seen vast improvements, especially given the fact that they made huge improvements and continued expanding that progress. Because of this, I have been drawn away from FR:S, though I know many of you are participating in the journey, which is great!

    Anyways, I have a headache and I guess I have AP Physics homework??? Due tomorrow??? Lol, I don't know. The only force you can't exert on me is the force of doing homework soooo my teacher can just kiss my grits. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME UPDATES AND LIKE/COMMENT ON THIS IF YOU'RE ACTIVE SO THAT I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE RISEN FROM THE DEAD.
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    I love seeing ppl still lurking around this place here and there. So many good memories. Here's hoping for reconnections with long lost friends.
    Nice to see you're well, Lilah!
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