So quarantine... has me thinking about the old days. What’s up with everyone now? I know a few people still lurk, feel free to come out of the woodwork if you want. Free Realms was such a big part of my life back in the day, and it’s interesting to think about all the drama and community and just the entire culture that kind of sprung up around this game. I’m honestly surprised that this website is even still online after all these years, but here we are. It makes me sad to think that we’ll pretty much never get to feel the nostalgia from playing FR again, but at least we have our memories? I recently joined the Sunrise discord server and jeez FR really impacted a lot of people’s lives, that server is poppin despite the game closing down forever ago.

So yeah if anyone wants to share memories and just reminisce that’d be cool.

Probably the thing I remember most from this forum is the whole drama with Diamond ending up banned, it was really funny to me at the time to see people’s reactions. Miss that guy btw, we kinda lost touch so if you’re reading this then hi. Also, good posters such as Ash and TFT, and a bunch of other people who’s names I don’t remember.