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Title: Guide to Stars and Bars Beneath Your Name

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    Default Guide to Stars and Bars Beneath Your Name

    This guide will tell you how to recieve stars and bars underneath your name.

    Where: You can find these stars and bars under a FRI members avatar.
    Why: They are there to acknowledge the different statuses of FRI members.

    Available Labels:
    Newbie Explorer
    Amateur Gamer
    Pro Gamer
    Expert Gamer
    Global Mod

    How: You can get these many different ways. If you are a "Newbie Explorer" status, you do not have any stars yet. Newbie Explorer members have between 0-10 posts.

    If you an "Explorer" status or higher (10+ posts) you have blue stars.
    If you are a Moderator (Staff Member) you have a green bar.
    If you are a Global Mod (Staff Member) you have a blue bar.
    If you are a Administrator (Staff Member) you have a red bar.
    If you are a Founder (Site Owner) you have a red bar.
    If you are a WI Staff (Staff Member on FRI's Sister Site) you have a pink bar.

    To get more then one star under your avatar, you need a certain amount of posts.

    0-10 Posts= No Stars
    11-100 Posts = Empty Stars
    100-500 Posts= 1 Filled Star
    501-1000 Posts = 2 Filled Stars
    1001-2500 Posts= 3 Filled Stars
    2501-5000 Posts= 4 Filled Stars
    5001-10000 Posts= 5 Filled Stars
    10001++ Posts = 5 Gold Stars

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    Default Re: Guide to Stars and Bars Beneath Your Name

    Thanks to EatMonkies for the following

    Quote Originally Posted by EatMonkies View Post
    If you wish to start your journey as a "staff member" of Free Realms Insider, you must:
    A - you are an adult (18 years of age)
    B - Be very helpful and active on the site

    You will be contacted by Kade or other Staff Members if you are legitimate. If you choose to accept, you will start out as a "moderator" ( can moderate (edit, move, delete etc.) in specified areas) patrolling certain forum areas. And if you are really trusted and fairing extremely well on Free Realms Insider you may be promoted up to a "administrator" (has the power to do *anything* (not just moderate) to your whole set-up)

    You can also be moved to a "FRI Consultants" position. This is like a Moderator, but you also help in planning parties/events of FRI and really like to Groove it.

    "Global moderator" (can moderate your whole forum) is another position you can be bumped to, but it's unlikely at this time because they are out creating rainbows.. or something.

    "WI staff" You can never become one of these if you started on Free Realms Insider. These are Moderators from Kade's other site "Webkinz Insider"

    "Founder" You can never become a "founder" of the site.
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